UK yachtsman Ross Hobson weblog – day 2


Position at 0400 GMT 48degrees 6.2minutes North:5degrees 48.4minutes West
48 06.20′ N
5 48.36′ W

Course 225 degrees True
Fleet position: 1st in class

Day 2

Light fickle winds all day. Although you would think light winds are a solo
sailors blessing – they re the worst. You have to be constantly alert ready to take advantage of each breath of wind and change in wind direction. So sleep becomes a premium and when each tack means hauling the 2000sq ft gennaker (headsail) around the forestay by hand, then winching, it, the main and other bits, finally having to ‘pop’ the battens on the main so the sail takes its correct shape = some 10mins of hard work have elapsed

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