Fewer pirate attacks but “no room for complacency”


FORTY-one pirate attacks world-wide were reported to the ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB).in the first three months of this year. This down dramatically from the 61 incidents reported in Q1 2006. But the IMB warns against complacency.
IMB director Pottengal Mukundan said: “We welcome the continued reduction in the number of reported attacks. There are however areas that continue to give cause for concern, notably Nigeria and Somalia. In addition, it is imperative that in those areas where the number of attacks has reduced that governments continue to devote sufficient resources to tackling the problem. Equally crucial is that all incidents are reported to the IMB’s Piracy Reporting Centre, as it remains the only 24 hour point for reporting incidents worldwide. It is only when attacks are reported that it is possible to trigger effective law enforcement responses from the coastal states.”



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