On the Move to Ostrov Preobrazheniya


Barrabas at anchor in front of the research station – Ostrov Preobrazheniya. On the deck is the survival dinghy that can be sailed, rowed, or used as a sledge if Barrabas becomes trapped in the ice.

Adrian reports: I spent the whole of Wednesday on the west side of Ostrov Peschanyy. The wind was blowing from the east setting up a northerly current on the western side. Drift ice was moving. From 7.00am until 11.00pm I was on constant watch dodging the drift. One of the last pieces of ice to float by was carrying a small colony of Walrus, grunting and snorting in the diminishing light.

AGXWalrus near to Ostrov Peschanyy

Sailors pass in the morning – family of walrus head on South




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