Grupo INAER Committed To Order Eighteen AgustaWestland Helicopters


AgustaWestland is pleased to announce that Grupo INAER of Spain has committed to purchase eighteen helicopters including six AW119 Ke single-engines, two AW109 Power and seven Grand light twins and three AW139 medium twins in 2008. These helicopters will be delivered by 2010. Grupo INAER is one of the leading Spanish Companies providing a wide range of helicopter services including scheduled passenger transport flights, search and rescue, EMS and fire-fighting applications operating in Spain, Portugal, Italy and France. The AW119 Ke will be used for firefighting missions while the AW109 Power, the Grand and the AW139 will be configured to perform EMS operations. Moreover the AW139 will be used for search and rescue and scheduled services roles.

Grupo INAER confirms its reliance on AgustaWestland’s helicopters as it already operates the AW109 Power and previously ordered Grand and AW139 twin-engine helicopters. This commitment marks the entrance of the AW119 Ke single engine in the Grupo INAER’s fleet as well. AgustaWestland is committed to further expand its commercial presence in the Spanish market where various helicopter types have achieved excellent results used by several leading customers for a number of applications including passenger transport, search and rescue, EMS and firefighting. AgustaWestland will also further expand its presence in Portugal, Italy and France. The AW119 Ke is AgustaWestland’s answer to worldwide current customer demand for a high performance, modern, multi-role single-engine helicopter. When configured for firefighting missions, the AW119 Ke can be equipped with various firefighting equipment and systems. The enhanced altitude performance and a wider temperature operating range of AW119 Ke provide unequalled firefighting operational capabilities.

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