Jules Verne ATV Demonstration Day 2 sequence of events

ESA-dd2 manoeuvres large,0


Jules Verne ATV manoeuvres during Demonstration Day 2

31 March 2008
Today, mission controllers at ESA’s ATV Control Centre in Toulouse, France, will pace Jules Verne through a second day of crucial manoeuvres designed to demonstrate the vessel’s navigation capabilities. Follow ATV demo day 2 on: www.esa.int/atv.

The second demonstration day will test ATV close proximity manoeuvring and control including testing contingency manoeuvres for the ATV Control Centre and the ISS crew. ATV will manoeuvre to within 11 metres of the docking port of the ISS Russian Service Module Zvezda. ATV will also navigate for the first time using a laser-based optical system.



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