Antarctic DOCTOr to speak at the Maritime Museum


PROVIDING medical back-up for the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) is a challenging task – but it’s also a chance of a lifetime to experience one of the most beautiful places on earth.

In November this year Dr Susanna Gaynor will be joining the BAS Medical Unit in Antarctica and you can hear about the challenges facing her in a fascinating talk at the Maritime Museum on 9 October at 2pm.

During her time at the BAS’s Halley Base, Dr Gaynor will be involved in medical and climate change research that has been conducted at the base since it was first built in the 1950s. The BAS carries out vital research in the coldest, most inhospitable environment in the world. In this uninhabited continent with no GP surgeries or hospitals, where accidents and illnesses are inevitable, the BAS team needs medical back-up, 24-hours a day.

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