For Sale – ”Aros Viking” (ex. ”Haverö”)

Aros Viking

Multipurpose transport vessel, ex line ferry

The vessel was aquired by current owners in May 2007 and has since been extensively rebuilt. The major works include moving the port engine room to aft. New boarding ramps have been manufactured, they ae five metres long and can take a maximum axle load of 18 tons. Vessel is fitted with a very sturdy 6 meter spud leg with 400 mm sides.
The working deck is 6.5 meters wide and has a total area of about 120 sq m. Small wheelhouse on sb side with controls, VHF and a Raytheon R20 radar. Two engine rooms aft in separate compartments.
Classification: Currently being brought in under Swedish Maritime Administration classification, some minor work remains. A stability booklet has been produced and lists conditions such as a 40 ton truck on deck with 14 passengers or 8 cars, 14 pax and a truck carrying 22.5 tons liquid cargo. The vessel is likely capable of higher loads with current load line (620 mm).

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