New £2.7M Tamar class RNLI lifeboat today arrives in Angle


Angle’s new RNLI lifeboat arriving on station today.

image courtesy of Martin Caveney

Date: 17/03/2009

Author: Danielle Rush, RNLI Media Relations Manager

Reference: West 028 2009

A dream was realised for the RNLI crew at Angle this afternoon, when the station’s modern new Tamar class lifeboat arrived at its new home. The RNLI’s most technologically advanced lifeboat will reach casualties faster and help the volunteer crew save even more lives at sea. It will be officially placed on service once the crew have completed an intensive training programme.

The arrival of the Tamar is the culmination of three years of fundraising, which RNLI supporters began so effectively at grass-roots level in Birmingham and Pembrokeshire following an appeal launched in 2006. A £1.6M donation from the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons, a branch of the Freemasons, completed the task to foot the bill of the £2.7M lifeboat*. The significant windfall will give the donor the right to name the lifeboat, which will be called Mark Mason, during a dedication ceremony this summer.

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