9 billion euro contract for 112 Eurofighter Typhoons signed

The signature of the Eurofighter programme's third tranche by the four
partner nations, reaffirms the strategic choice of investing in high
technology in order to obtain more significant returns in the long period,
from both the industrial and the employment points of view. Today the
Eurofighter, the most effective new-generation air defence aircraft, is
also the main industrial collaboration programme in Europe.  Furthermore,
as compared to its competitors, and in respect of lower development costs,
the Typhoon guarantees the independence of our industry in the development
of innovation sectors and a strongest economic impact at national and also
regional levels, especially in the Piedmont and in the Puglia regions".

Joining this programme for any possible future customer will bring strong
returns in terms of economic impact and a step forward in the technology
skills of the local industry.




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