Wells lifeboat tows rudderless yacht to safety

Date: 31/07/2009

Author: John Mitchell, Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer

Wells RNLI inshore lifeboat was called to rescue a yacht who had lost her rudder when leaving harbour in the early hours of this morning.

The ten metre yacht, Blue, had been visiting Wells Harbour. She departed on the early morning tide at about 1:00am with a man and a young person on board.

As they negotiated the outer reaches of the channel, the yacht struck bottom. The grounding damaged her rudder and she lost steerage.

Wells lifeboat was paged at 3:23am this morning by Yarmouth Coastguard after they had received a call from Blue’s skipper and the inshore lifeboat launched 15 minutes later.

The lifeboat arrived on the scene at 3:54am and assisted the yacht in anchoring in deep water approximately one mile north of the harbour.

The lifeboat crew stayed with the yacht until they were sure the anchor was holding and its crew were in no immediate danger.

At 4:15am they then returned to the boathouse, where the inshore lifeboat was re-fuelled and ready for service again at 4:30am.

The yacht will remain at anchor until the next tide which will be this afternoon. The intention is that the harbour launch will tow her back into the harbour when there is sufficient water.

The lifeboat will be on hand to assist.




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