Defence Systems & Equipment International (DSEi) 2009


QinetiQ is a leading international provider of technology-based services and solutions to the defence, security and related markets.

The theme for the stand is Force Protection in QNA covering the four global capabilities of Autonomy and Robotics, Sensors and Spectrum, Training and Simulation and Cyber Security and Resilience. Products on show include: EARS, PADS, Talon and Dragon Runner, Physical Monitoring, Last Armor and RPGNets, SPO and Spectroil.

Crew Swap Complete


 Space shuttle Discovery lifts off into the night sky on a mission to the International Space Station. Launch was on-time at 11:59 p.m. EDT. Photo credit: NASA TV

Mon, 31 Aug 2009 05:24:58 AM GMT

At 11:49 p.m. EDT, Nicole Stott exchanged Soyuz seat liners with space station Flight Engineer Tim Kopra. Stott now is a member of the space station Expedition 20 crew, and Kopra is a member of Discovery’s crew. Kopra spent 44 days as a member of Expedition 20.

QinetiQ robots deal should help cut transport delays


Following a successful series of trials, QinetiQ is now working alongside key government partners to deliver a robot based service that is being used to help fight fires and support other major incidents – particularly if acetylene gas cylinders are involved which can become highly unstable – thereby protecting fire fighters plus helping minimise disruption to travellers by reducing resulting delays on major transport systems in and around London.

STS-128 Crew Prepares for Docking

Sun, 30 Aug 2009 05:29:45 AM GMT

During their first full day in space, astronauts aboard Discovery conducted a daylong inspection of the space shuttle’s thermal protection system, checked out spacesuits and prepared to dock with the International Space Station.

With Commander Rick Sturckow at the controls, Discovery is scheduled to link up with the space station at 8:03 p.m. CDT Sunday.

Yacht on rocks

Date: 26/08/2009

Author: Mel Winger, Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer

28ft yacht aground at Martello Bay (Credit RNLI/Mel Winger)Wednesday 26 August 2009

A call too late.

A twenty-eight foot yacht ended-up sinking on the beach at Martello Bay just four hundred metres from the Clacton boathouse.

She was on passage to Bradwell Marina when she lost engine power. The skipper raised sail hoping to continue but was heading into the wind and tide. By the time he realized he was making no headway and was being driven onto the shore it was too late.

He sent out a mayday call but was not sure of his position. While the coastguards were trying to establish where he was they received a call from a member of the public to say that a yacht was on the rocks near Clacton golf course.

The Atlantic 75 lifeboat launched at 6.30pm and found the yacht aground on the rocks of the fishtail breakwater. The four people on board had managed to get ashore safely. The crew put a line aboard and pulled her off the rocks but she was badly holed and the pumps could not cope with the amount of water she was taking. They towed her round to the lea side of the breakwater where she sank in about six feet of water.

The “D” class lifeboat was called at assist and was able to recover personal items from the vessel and clear the debris from the sea. The wind was southwesterly (onshore) gusting to thirty miles per hour and the sea state moderate.

Had the skipper sent out a call when he first lost power there would have been sufficient time to get him safely under tow and to his destination. When I spoke to him the following morning he said “I didn’t want to give anyone any trouble“.

Mel Winger

Lifeboat Press Officer Clacton-on-Sea RNLI

Burry Port Visited by Television Production Company

Date: 28/08/2009

Author: Hugh Owen, Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer

Iolo Williams with the crew at Burry Port (Credit RNLI/Hugh Owen)A film crew working on S4C’s, programme Bro visited the RNLI’s station at Burry Port on Thursday evening 27 August 2009.

The crew had been in the Carmarthen Bay area all week filming various organisations and at leisure venues. The volunteers at Burry Port Lifeboat were filmed talking about their preparation, training and rescues. They filmed the crew practising the righting of an Inshore Lifeboat after a capsize.

Bro is presented by Shân Cothi and Iolo Williams and will be shown on S4C in October 2009.

  • Shân Cothi has appeared in West End musicals and is presenter on Radio Wales and television programmes
  • Iolo Williams presents wildlife programmes on television and is also an author on British wildlife and nature
  • S4C the television chanel for Wales

Peterhead RNLI lifeboat launches to disabled catamaran

Date: 28/09/2008

Author: David Anderson, Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer

Peterhead RNLI lifeboat  (Credit Nicholas Leach)The RNLI Peterhead lifeboat launched today at 1.30 pm to assist a Catamaran Yacht of approximately 9.7M with two people on board which has a limited steering capability 13 miles east of Peterhead.

The lifeboat arrived on the scene of the casualty at approximately 2.10 p.m. The yacht is now in tow, and they are expected to return to Peterhead at approximately 5 p.m.

Three shouts in a day for Tobermory RNLI Lifeboat

Date: 28/09/2008

Author: Susannah Calderan, Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer

Tpbermory RNLI Lifeboat (Credit RNLI/Tobermory)Tobermory RNLI Lifeboat had a busy day on Thursday 27 August, launching three times to the assistance of vessels in distress.

The first shout of the day was at 12.20pm, where the Lifeboat responded rapidly to VHF traffic indicating a red flare had been seen at Glenborrodale in Loch Sunart. On arrival at the scene, the Tobermory crew found that a small dinghy with six persons onboard – two adults and their four teenage children – had filled with water and capsized. All of them were wearing lifejackets and had put up the red flare before the capsize. They had all been in the water for a short while before a vessel from a nearby fish farm went to their aid, recovered the family from the water and took them ashore.

Although weather conditions for the first shout were fair, by the time of the second – 9.50pm – a westerly wind of Beaufort 7-8 was blowing and the weather was very poor.

Tobermory RNLI Lifeboat rescued a yacht which had dragged its anchor and run aground at the north end of Oronsay in Loch Sunart. A husband and wife were onboard, and the vessel was towed to safety on the pontoons in Tobermory harbour.

With the yacht scarcely alongside, the Lifeboat received a third call-out to another yacht which had dragged and was aground at the head of Loch Aline. The Lifeboat’s daughter craft was launched, and the vessel was taken onto a mooring in the loch. Conditions were still very poor, with driving wind and rain and low visibility.

Tobermory RNLI Lifeboat Coxswain Phil Higson says: ‘The weather was just terrible yesterday evening, and some people got caught out. A busy day, and all’s well that ends well!’

Korea National Police Agency Order An AW119Ke

<meta content=" 3.0 (Linux)" name="GENERATOR" /> </p> <style type="text/css"> <!-- @page { margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } --> </style> <p style="margin-bottom: 0cm; line-height: 100%"> <p style="margin-bottom: 0cm; line-height: 100%"> <p style="margin-bottom: 0cm; line-height: 100%"> <p style="margin-bottom: 0cm; line-height: 100%"><img loading="lazy" height="85" width="128" alt="AW723th.jpg" id="image15852" src="" /></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0cm; line-height: 100%"> <p style="margin-bottom: 0cm; line-height: 100%">AgustaWestland and UI International (UII) are pleased to announce they have been awarded a contract by the Korean Public Procurement Services to supply the Korea National Police Agency (KNPA) with one AW119Ke law enforcement helicopter as part of an on-going programme to modernise the Police helicopter fleet.</p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0cm; line-height: 100%"> <p style="margin-bottom: 0cm; line-height: 100%">This is the first AW119Ke to be purchased by the Korean Government and the third law enforcement helicopter sold into the Korean market. It will join two KNPA AW109 helicopters that have been in service for a number of years. The AW119 Koala enhanced is a spacious 8 seat single engine helicopter developed to enhance safety and provide high productivity and performance at a competitive price. The large unobstructed cabin permits rapid re-configuration for a variety of missions such as utility, passenger transport, emergency medical services and the very popular law enforcement role. The high power margins deliver outstanding performance that makes the AW119Ke the most cost effective helicopter in its class.</p> <pre><strong><strong><a href=""></a></strong></strong></pre> <p><strong><strong><a href=""> </a></strong></strong></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0cm; line-height: 100%"> </div><!-- .entry-content --> <footer class="entry-meta"> <span class="cat-links"> <span class="entry-utility-prep entry-utility-prep-cat-links">Posted in</span> <a href="" rel="category tag">News</a> </span> <span class="sep"> | </span> <span class="comments-link"><a href=""><span class="leave-reply">Leave a reply</span></a></span> </footer><!-- .entry-meta --> </article><!-- #post-15853 --> <nav id="nav-below"> <h3 class="assistive-text">Post navigation</h3> <div class="nav-previous"><a href="" ><span class="meta-nav">←</span> Older posts</a></div> <div class="nav-next"></div> </nav><!-- #nav-above --> </div><!-- #content --> </section><!-- #primary --> <div id="secondary" 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