23rd King’s Cup – AY Race Report 1

Six to eight knots North Easterly was not enough for PRO Jerry Rollin to
gamble on sending the racers on a island course, so he opted on keeping
them together and running windward / leeward races to seaward of Kata
Beach. This proved to be a good opportunity for crews to familiarize
themselves with the boat and pull together as a team. Everyone was eager
to get going and some a little to eager, employing barging tactics and
being over the line early, will have to work on their time and distance
study. Several red protest flags were seen flying, so the final result
may not be known till late into the night. Less wind on the northern
course meant a short delay before PRO Ross Chisholm sent the
cruiser/racers on a passage race up along the west coast beaches and

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