16th SSR 2010 – AY Race Report 4 & Summary

It's Evolution Racing by a whisker...

30:01:2010 Once again it came down to a final day showdown in the Racing
Class. Both crews on Ray Roberts TP52 Evolution Racing and Neil Pryde's
Welbourn 52 Hi Fi were pumped up and raring to go. Some old fashioned
America's Cup style circling started the sequence, then they broke away
and headed for the startline with speed. Geoff Hill's TP52 Strewth and
Nick Burns / Fred Kinmonth Mills 51 EFG Bank Mandrake also joined in and
tried desperately to throw a spanner into the works. Neil Pryde hit the
line first at the pin end but Ray Roberts was a couple boat lengths to
windward with Strewth on their hip and Mandrake taking the weather


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