Yacht on the rocks with two adult males on board



From: RNLI Largs lifeboat station

Date: 30/09/2012

Yacht on the rocks with two adult males on board

On the late evening of Saturday 29/09/2012 at 11.27pm Largs RNLI Lifeboat volunteer crew received an urgent call to a Yacht Maggie May with two adult males on board.

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The report stated the Yacht and her crew had been at anchor in a small bay near Trail island on the East Coast of Great Cumbrae Island when as the wind speed increased with the rising tide the Yacht dragged her previously secure anchor causing the vessel to be blown on to the nearby rocks. Largs lifeboat R A Wilson was immediately launched to the stricken vessel & her crew of two.

On the stroke of midnight the Largs RNLI lifeboat was on scene only to find the yacht was already grounded hard and fast on the rocks and leaning over about 45 degrees.

Having taken the situation into account the volunteer crew of the lifeboat realised it would be impossible to go in to the area in the normal way as any attempt to do so would put the lifeboat in danger.

A decision was therefore taken to ”Kedge in ”, a manoeuvre, well practiced by the Largs volunteers, this involves the lifeboat heading outwards, away from the casualty, dropping her own anchor and slowly approaching the casualty stern first (backwards)

The experienced volunteer crew with young Malcolm McNaught at the helm, the lifeboat carried out this action with true professionalism allowing the two-yacht crew to safely board the lifeboat, which conveyed them to Largs Yacht Marina on the mainland.

Unfortunately there was nothing anyone could do to save the yacht that was left in her position on the rocks.

Having delivered the two yacht crewmen to safety, the lifeboat, in the early hours of Sunday Morning returned to station where she was made ready for her next service.


The information received stated that the boat had lost it steering and there was also a mechanical fault with the engine, as there was no steering, the vessel could not be controlled causing the boat to drift out of position, at the time, some distance south of Garroch Head on the south end of the Island of Bute.

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