Astrium / satellite view / In Amenas gas plant (Algeria)

Usine Amenas algerie SPOT6 08012013

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Astrium sends you a picture taken on 08 January 2013 by the SPOT 6 satellite, built and operated by Astrium, showing the gas plant of In Amenas in Algeria, where an hostage crisis has begun on 16 January.


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SPOT 6 is an Earth observation satellite offering optical high-resolution capabilities. Like its twin SPOT 7, which is slated for launch early 2014, SPOT 6 has a 60-km swath and will serve imagery products with a resolution down to 1.5 metres.

Geo-information plays a vital role in converting the latest geospatial information into reliable economic data. SPOT 6 is just one of the remote-sensing satellites that now enables Astrium Services to offer the widest range of Earth observation products and value-added services in response to the needs of its customers, particularly in the areas of national and defence mapping, agriculture, deforestation and environment monitoring, maritime and coastal surveillance, civil engineering, oil, gas and mining industries.

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