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Earlier this week, the professional politicians in BOTH political parties sold the American people down the river.


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They rammed through a massive tax hike bill with little to no spending cuts in the dead of night over a long holiday weekend. And in the process, the politicians reminded the nation once again why millions and millions of Americans formed the Tea Party movement.

Please make a generous contribution of $35, $50, $100, $200 or whatever you can afford to help us fund the training sessions, volunteer recruitment drives and issue campaigns that we need in order to get back on the political offensive.

Now more than ever, our movement must recruit and organize so that we have the political clout to prevent more economy-destroying backroom deals like the one that was just passed.

Now more than ever, the Tea Party must strike back.

We have to seize this opportunity to build our ranks, start new local chapters and train future Tea Party candidates.

Please help us reach that goal by making the most generous donation you possibly can right away.

Patriot, if we don’t stand up and fight back against the big spenders, who will?

It’s clear that the leaders of both political parties would rather play games and cut back room deals than do what is right.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again:

We are on own. We have to build an even stronger independent Tea Party movement today if we want future generations of Americans to have any chance at prosperity tomorrow.

Please make a generous contribution today.

This sleazy “fiscal cliff” deal actually increases the deficit in 2013. It hikes taxes on millions of Americans from all walks of life. It adds nearly $4 Trillion in new debt to our national balance sheet.

And it will smother our already crippled economy.

That’s why we need to fight back now and grow the Tea Party movement like never before.

Things are so bad in Washington that some of the politicians are even arguing that because they voted on Tuesday instead of Monday they didn’t actually vote for higher taxes!

They clearly think we are stupid. They truly believe that they can “spin” their way out of voting for this fiscal calamity.

However, they can’t. With your help we won’t let them.

We are going to use this disaster to start more Tea Party groups across America.

We need a local affiliate in every single Congressional district in the country so that Tea Party members can organize and directly confront the politicians who are ruining our future.

Then we need to train thousands of grassroots volunteers to spread the word in their communities about how dire our economic situation is. If we don’t slash government spending now, America is doomed!

We need to run pro-Tea Party ads across the nation. We need to bombard Congress with calls, faxes and letters.

We need to strike back hard so that the politicians finally get the message: Cut Spending Now!

Unfortunately, Tea Party Patriots is a non-profit citizen-led organization. We can’t accomplish any of these goals without your financial help.

So please, make the very best donation you possibly can now. $35, $50, $100, $200 or whatever you can afford will help us get back on the political offensive.

Please donate what you can. Don’t let the professional politicians get away with this betrayal. Help the Tea Party strike back!

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