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Migration specialists have revealed that electricians are in huge demand down under.

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Paul Arthur, director of Chester based migration specialists The Emigration Group said: “There are hundreds of opportunities for electricians in Australia and New Zealand. In particular electrical fitters, electrical technicians and auto electricians***.


“Not only are there more jobs on offer, the salaries are often higher, added to which you have better weather and a lifestyle which is second to none.”

Australia and New Zealand have remained extremely popular with Brits moving overseas. Paul said: Australia consistently remains the most popular destination over the past 20 years and has the largest British community around the world with a total population of 1.2 million ex pats.

“It’s is the career opportunities which are proving a big draw for Brits but the quality of life is also a huge motivator to emigrate down under. Melbourne was recently named the best city to live in the world, according the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) report, which looks at things like crime, infrastructure and costs of living, while Adelaide, Sydney and Auckland also all featured in the top 10.”

According to Paul, qualified electricians are currently on Australia’s list of skills in demand and suitably skilled and experienced Brits should find it relatively easy to qualify for a * visa. He also advises that New Zealand is desperate for qualified electricians and is looking to recruit * from overseas.


Paul said: “If you work in an area where there is a recognised skills shortage, such as an electrician, your chances of getting a good job and a visa *are very good. Simply put there has never been a better time to move down under.”


The Emigration Group offers expert advice to migrants wishing to move to Australia and New Zealand providing a job placement and recruitment service, visa advice and support in helping clients through the relocation process.


For more information and advice on migrating down under, applying for residence visas and finding jobs visit www.emigrationgroup.co.uk or call 01244 321414.

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