The Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge Teams Reunite At 87º


The Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge teams have finally all reunited at 87º after adverse weather conditions delayed their journey from Novo Airbase to the start line. Unfortunately, a further logistical problem has hit the expedition as they find two of their support trucks still behind them after one of the truck’s suspension broke.






Race To Start Closer To The South Pole

Today the decision has been taken by Edward Parker, Team Noom Coach Mentor and Co-Founder of Walking With The Wounded, to move the race start 60km nearer to the South Pole. His decision ensures the race a safe window to arrive at the Geographical South Pole by 15 December. This decision, given that recent adverse weather may well continue, has been considered eminently sensible by the three polar guides on the expedition: Inge Solheim, Conrad Dickinson and Eric Philips. The expedition is now in the process of being moved by the support vehicle approximately 60km closer to the finish line, which reduces the overall race distance.

The Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge 2013 is taking place in one of the world’s most hostile environments and, despite all delays that have been experienced, team spirits are high and everyone is working together in the lead up to the race start, which is expected to be on Sunday 1 December.

We hope to be able to share another update on what we anticipate will be an announcement that the start of the race will be Sunday 1 December!
Catch Up With The Voice Diary Updates From The Ice

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Though the Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge teams are thousands of miles from home and in one of the most remote environments in the world, by using Arqiva’s satellite communication technology and bespoke voice blog system you are able to stay in contact (weather depending) with the team members every step of the way.

The teams have been keeping us up-to-date by sending regular voice blogs expressing their excitement and anticipation as the start of the race looms ever closer.

Please keep following our live blog to hear the latest directly from the ice.

You can also follow us on Facebook and join the conversation with us @SupportTheWalk by using the hashtag #SouthPole2013.

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