Rolls-Royce confirms it is in talks with Siemens


Following media reports, Rolls-Royce confirms it is in talks with Siemens regarding the sale of its Energy gas turbine and compressor business. This supplies aero-derivative gas turbines, compressor systems and related services to customers in the Oil and Gas and Power Generation sectors. These talks have not concluded and we will make a further announcement in due course.

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Commercial liftoff for Europe’s smallest launcher

  • Vega_liftoff_on_flight_VV03_node_full_image
  • Title Vega liftoff on flight VV03
  • Released 30/04/2014 4:33 am
  • Copyright Arianespace
  • DescriptionThe third launch by Europe’s new small launcher, Vega, delivered Kazakhstan’s KazEOSat-1(DZZ-HR) satellite for high-resolution Earth observation into its planned orbit.

    Liftoff of flight VV03 from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana came at 01:35 GMT on 30 April 2014 (03:35 CEST; 22:35 local time on 29 April). 

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30 April 2014The third launch by Europe’s new small launcher, Vega, has delivered Kazakhstan’s first satellite for high-resolution Earth observation into its planned orbit.

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Orion Undergoes Simulation Of Intense Launch Vibrations


The Orion crew module undergoes Multi-Point Random Vibration Testing at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Photo: NASA

Team Progressing Toward Exploration Flight Test-1

DENVER, April 29, 2014 -Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] and NASA engineers have verified that the Orion spacecraft successfully passed an important environmental test called Multi-Point Random Vibration Testing. This test shakes the spacecraft’s crew module to simulate the vibration it will experience during launch and ascent. Monitoring the spacecraft’s performance through environmental testing helps to ensure that Orion will safely carry humans on future missions to deep space.

Engineers had two primary objectives during this test. The first was to correlate test results with model predictions, ensuring the spacecraft can withstand the anticipated levels of vibration during its first test flight later this year, Exploration Flight Test-1 (EFT-1). The second consisted of monitoring more than 20 avionics and propulsion components to verify their performance while subjected to the vibration environment.

Orion’s next environmental test will occur when the crew module and service module are stacked together. During this test, engineers will illuminate the spacecraft with different radio frequency signals it will experience during EFT-1. Engineers will verify Orion can withstand all the radio frequency sources it will be exposed to during launch, on-orbit, ascent and landing, ensuring there are no disruptions to critical systems on the vehicle.

During EFT-1, the uncrewed spacecraft will launch on a Delta IV Heavy rocket and will travel 3,600 miles beyond low Earth orbit. That same day, Orion will return to Earth at a speed of approximately 20,000 mph for a splashdown in the Pacific Ocean. EFT-1 will provide engineers with critical data about Orion’s heat shield, flight systems and capabilities in order to validate spacecraft designs before it begins carrying humans to new destinations in deep space.


Korean Register chief resigns

Pirates flee captured dhow

April 29, 2014
—An attempt by Somali pirates to use a captured dhow as a mother ship has been foiled by EU Navfor. The six armed pirates who had taken the dhow and its crew hostage fled the scene April 26 after sightings of an EU Naval Force Spanish maritime patrol and reconnaissance (MPRA) aircraft. The dhow’s master confirmed his ordeal to members of the Boarding Team from the EU Naval Force flagship, FGS Brandenburg, after the German warship had closed the sea area to investigate the dhow.

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Lockheed Martin Marks Significant Milestone In Research & Development For Unmanned Technologies









VINEYARD, Utah, April 29, 2014 – Three systems acquired by Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] have progressed from their research and development phase to operational readiness. The Indago vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) quad-rotor, accompanied by its handheld ground control station (GCS) will offer a robust, mobile surveillance application. Additionally, a new Commercial Avionics Suite delivers the same performance and reliability that customers have enjoyed with the previous products but at a new low price.

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April 2014
Budapest Airport has welcomed its third new airline partner less than a month into the summer
season. Seeing an attractive gap in the market left by easyJet last year, France
launched its new route from the Hungarian capital city airport to Paris Orly on 15 April.
The thrice-weekly service will link the base of Air France – KLM’s low-cost subsidiary to Budapest,
becoming the fourth airline to offer services to Paris , but the only carrier to fly to Paris Orly

IMO celebrates 25 years of IMLI





25 years of International Maritime Law Institute celebrated at IMO


The International Maritime Organization (IMO) on Monday (28 April 2014) celebrated the 25th anniversary of the International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI), based in Malta, with a special event which included speeches from the current IMLI Director and the chairman of IMO’s Legal Committee.

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