Elecnor Deimos publishes the first images of DEIMOS-2 satellite

– Deimos 2 made image captures just 12 hours after launch.

– Qatar capital, Doha, and San Francisco city on U.S. are featured in these first images

Madrid, June 30, 2014 –[ASDWire]– After the successful launch last June 19th at 21:11 CET Elecnor Deimos is carries on with the commissioning of Deimos 2



The satellite began capturing images just 12 hours after its launch and kept doing it these past 6 days. Here some images from the avenues and complex built for 2022 World cup in Qatar capital, Doha and the remarkable Golden Gate of San Francisco City in United States are shown The published images show the high level of detail that can be seen and the very good quality of the products from Deimos 2. More images will be  published in the coming days and weeks as they become ready.

Since its launch and injection into orbit, the DEIMOS-2 satellite has been contacted on 70 times by 3 ground stations (Puertollano, Kiruna, Inuvik). All subsystems on board have been activated and tested. The DEIMOS-2 satellite will begin its CAL/VAL phase very soon.

Over the next 7 years the DEIMOS-2 satellite will capture images of 0.75 m per pixel in five bands: panchromatic, RGB + NIR, which give very precise information to customers requesting images for the following areas: agriculture environment, climate change, crisis management and emergencies, such as fires and floods, civil protection and defense, intelligence and border control.

With DEIMOS-2 and Operations Integration Center and Satellite Puertollano, Elecnor Deimos completes its presence in the entire the value chain for space missions to be able to manage entire space programs, design, integrate, validate, launch and operate satellites observation of the Earth observation satellites commercially exploit and develop space systems for earth observation third.


About Elecnor Deimos

Elecnor Deimos is the technological area Elecnor specializing in engineering solutions for the fields of space, information systems and communications. The company is organized into four business areas: Remote Sensing (responsible for operating the satellite DEIMOS-1); Aerospace, Defence and Systems; Air Navigation; and finally, Satellite Systems (responsible for Integration and Operations Center Puertollano and DEIMOS-2 project).