Less than 72 hours left to raise $395,675


This is it. We have under 72 hours left to raise to raise $395,675! That’s how far we are from our $800,000 Make Harry Reid Cry fall campaign fundraising goal.

Please make an urgent and generous contribution of $15, $25, $50 or whatever you can afford immediately.



Then, please forward this email to anyone you know who cares about rallying voters against Barack Obama and Harry’s Reid’s extremist agenda this fall.

We have to show the cronies who are ruining this great country that the Tea Party movement is stronger than ever.

We have to send wave after wave of volunteers into the key states to show voters exactly how their senators are voting.

And the fall campaign season begins on Monday!

Please make the most generous contribution you can right away.

We really are running out of time.

We’ve named this fundraising drive the Make Harry Reid Cry campaign for one very good reason.

The entire Tea Party movement must stand up to this left-wing madman.

In 2012, Harry Reid remained Majority Leader because we fell short by a total of about 400,000 votes in 6 key races.

This year, if we can raise this $800,000, we can contact every single one of those 400,000 voters and fire Harry Reid this fall!

Please, give whatever you can right now. We must hit this goal by Monday.

Harry Reid believes he should be Senate Majority Leader for life. He wants to ram the entire left-wing Obama agenda into law.

And the Tea Party is really the only organization in America standing up to this power-crazed radical.

This fall we must get our revenge. We must crush Harry Reid’s dream of turning America into a corrupt European-style socialist wasteland!

And the best way to do that is to rally voters against his left-wing madness.

We need to raise this last $395,675 to meet our goal of $800,000. We need that money to cover the cost of phone banks, mailings, ads, and door-to-door voter contact.

Every single undecided voter in every key state must understand how his or her senator voted on the Reid/Obama agenda.

Every One!

Please give what you can right now. We only have hours left to raise this last $395,675.

We realize that’s a lot of money and not much time. However, if every Tea Party volunteer contributes just a little – if we all forward this email around to everyone we know – WE CAN DO IT!

Please help. We must reach our $800,000 goal by Monday!

Thank you in advance for your help, and may God bless America and the Tea Party movement!

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Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

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