Scottish Nazi Party Plotting to Destroy Scotland


The Scottish Nazi Party has become adept in using 1984 politicospeak. When they say “Independence”, they mean “Dependence”. What they are being very quiet about is the consequence of their main policy in the destruction of Scotland. Of course they share this policy with the Tories and Labour, the LibDems and the Greens. Ukip is now the only British political Party offering Independence and Scottish cohesion.

Sow with piglet

SNP snouts in the trough

The Scottish Nazis want to cut Westminster out of the loop and go direct to Brussels because they think that will pay the biggest wages for Scottish MPs. The new First Minister Sturgeon lost no time when she took up office in overseeing the massive hike in Scottish MP salaries, including a huge boost to her own pay packet. She now pays herself more than “Chicken Dave” Cameron earns as UK Prime Minister.

Since the Scottish Nazi Party formed the Government in Scotland, they have concentrated on their own personal interests and in the planning of the division of Scotland and the absorption of the three parts into new Republics that will be ruled from outside the British Isles by appointed Presidents who will report directly to the unelected Eurocrats in Brussels.

The first stage of this Balkanization of Europe began with the creation of Arc Manche. Here, the appointed President was French and decided that he loved his new republic so much that he couldn’t live within its boundaries, setting up his headquarters in Paris.


Since that pilot scheme to test administration systems, the boundaries for the other Republics have changed several times. Currently, Scotland would be split into three parts. The East of Scotland would be joined with North East and East England and absorbed into a Republic that comprised parts of Northern France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway (the Eurocrats refuse to accept that the Norwegians voted to stay outside Europe. This will form the North Sea People’s Republic. The capital is expected to be Copenhagen and the President is expected to be German, possibly setting up his headquarters in Berlin.

South West Scotland (basically Dumfries and Galloway) will be merged with parts of Northern Ireland, North West England, the English Midlands, Wales, the English South West and Scilly Isles, to be merged with parts of France along the Atlantic Coast, Northern coastal Spain, most of Portugal and Gibraltar. This will form the Atlantic Republic, perhaps the Atlanta Republic. The capital is expected to be in Cadiz but the Spanish President may set up his headquarters in Madrid.

The remaining parts of North West Scotland will be joined with the Hebrides, Orkneys, Shetland Islands, Iceland, Greenland, parts of Northern Norway and Central/Northern Sweden. The Eurocrats have not accepted that Greenland, Iceland, and Norway have voted to remain outside the European Union. The Eurocrats also regard Quebec to be a natural part of the EU and consider it a more suitable capital for North Atlanta Republic than Copenhagen, although again, the appointed German President may chose to set up his headquarters in Kiel or Berlin.

An awkward forth republic is currently described as the Ireland/Wales Republic, comprising the current Irish Republic and parts of West Wales. The capital is expected to be in Swansea although the Irish President may wish to set up his headquarters in Cork.

This EUSSR view of how the Republics will be set up was drawn up by a team that includes descendents of the Belgian bureaucrats who created two artificial tribes on the basis of cow ownership in what is now Rwanda and eventually resulted in a bitter war and genocide. The primary objective is to destroy the United Kingdom of Great Britain and silence its voice, which is why the bulk of Europe is shown in white and as a unified mass. Current discussions are considering Berlin as the capital of the Europa Republic (the area shown in white).

In preparation for the need to control these new Republics, and to support the expansionist aims of the EUSSR beyond the Ukraine, a European Defence Agency has been established and the first active service units of land and naval forces have been deployed, the later in the anti-piracy operation off the East African coast. This military wing of the EUSSR will be rapidly expanded after May 2015 by absorbing the British Armed Forces. In response to Scottish Nazi Party demands that Britain gives up nuclear weapons, the EUSSR will take responsibility for they safe keeping and assume the British seat on the United Nations Security Council. The end result is a map chillingly similar to that produced under Hitler, with Reichs Protektors in control of the difficult satellite states.

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