Equipment Found Today on First Pump



RCMP requested NSR help this morning after a tent, sleeping bag and a few supplies were found stashed near the signpost just east of the First Pump Peak of Mt Seymour. The tent had been folded and had rocks and snow piled on it so it would not blow away. It appeared the tent had been there at least overnight due to a snow crust that had developed. Photos of the tent and the signpost are attached.

At this time no one has been reported missing but we would like to close the loop on this with help from the public.

If this is your equipment and you plan to leave it there, or to pick it up at some later date please call the RCMP non emergency line and let them know you are ok.

If you know whose gear this is and you know the person(s) are safe or missing please call the RCMP as well. If missing call 911 rather than the non emergency line.

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