UASC’s latest: Ultra large and ultra eco-friendly; U.S. Navy responds as Iran fires on Marshall Islands ship

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UASC’s latest: Ultra large and ultra eco-friendly
April 29, 2015—The DNV GL classed Barzan is the first in a new class of ultra-large container vessels that will be the largest in UASC’s fleet to date. They will set new standards for fuel and energy efficiency as a result of optimized vessel design and an array of propulsion and equipment efficiency technologies.

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Making Unmanned Search And Rescue A Reality: Unmanned K-MAX® Helicopter Conducts First Collaborative Casualty Evacuation


The unmanned K-MAX helicopter showcased its ability to safely transport a wounded warfighter during a demonstration in March 2015.


Already demonstrated fire fighting capability and supplies delivery under fire

BLOOMFIELD, Conn., April 29, 2015 – Dangerous frontline operations call for a safe and efficient method to locate and evacuate wounded personnel. To address this critical need and help save lives, Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT), Kaman Aerospace (NYSE: KAMN), and Neya Systems demonstrated the first ever collaborative unmanned air and ground casualty evacuation using the unmanned aerial system (UAS) control segment architecture and K-MAX® cargo helicopter on March 26.

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Canadian Soldiers Participate in the Largest High Readiness Exercise of the Year


April 29, 2015

OTTAWA — Approximately 6 750 military personnel from the Canadian Army, the Royal Canadian Air Force, the United States and the United Kingdom are taking part in the largest Canadian Army exercise of the year at the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre at Wainwright, Alberta, until May 23.

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Cameron To Clarify Promises


If you believe anything we say you must be stupid

Chicken Dave is to clarify the host of Con promises made during the last two months.

He will say, “My Party has made a host of attractive uncosted promises during the last two months as we have attempted to clone policies from the Ukip independently audited manifesto. Unlike Ukip, my Party will not sink to making honest statements because its all about winning votes by lies and deceptions for Tories. Voters can be assured that every promise is a firm cast iron cledge and we will be unable to remember any of these cledges if we win enough seats to form a Government. However, if we fail to form a Government, we will be able to claim in the next General Election in 2016 that we would have done a better job than the Labour/Scottish Nazi Party/ LibDem/ Greens/Plaid/IRA Sinn Fein/Monster Raving Loonie Coalition”.

The waiting game

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Overall leaders Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing (Ian Walker/GBR) positioned themselves ominously at the head of the fleet midway through Leg 6 on Wednesday as the six boats continued to jostle for position (full story below).
Matt Knighton / Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing / Volvo Ocean Race

– Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing snatch thin lead
– Skipper Walker ready to ‘play the angles’
– Follow this absorbing leg all the way on our App

ALICANTE, Spain, April 29 – Overall leaders Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing (Ian Walker/GBR) positioned themselves ominously at the head of the fleet midway through Leg 6 on Wednesday as the six boats continued to jostle for position.

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Ucore Updates on the Separation


April 28, 2015 – Halifax, Nova Scotia – Ucore Rare Metals Inc. (TSX-V:UCU) (OTCQX:UURAF) (“Ucore” or “the Company”) is pleased to report additional results of its ongoing testing of the use of Molecular Recognition Technology (“MRT”) for the separation of rare earth elements (“REE’s”) from Bokan-Dotson Ridge feedstock. The Company reports that the final REE separation, being the separation of Samarium (“Sm”) and Gadolinium (“Gd”) from each other, has been achieved with the following results:

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