Is the Monster Raving Loony Party now obsolete?

Monster Raving Loony Party


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That much loved part of every British General Election for decades, the Monster Raving Loony, is being ruthlessly squeezed by the LibLabCon Party, Sheila’s Greens, Plaid-something-or-other, and the Scottish Nazi Party.

As Chicken Dave, Weird Ed and Calamity Clegg all used the last Brussels Broadcasting Company’s ‘Leaders Debate’ to move onto the Monster Raving Loony Party’s ground and prove their LibLabCon Factions were the true Monster Raving Loonies, Fruit Cakes and closet Racists, it did not appear to leave much for the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.

The really sad thing is that there is only one Party, Ukip, at the 2015 General Election that has produced an independently audited and fully costed, comprehensive Manifesto and provided honest straight forward answers to every question, including the tedious smear attempt questions. The Brussels Broadcasting Company obviously feels that a Party that offers common sense policies, straight talking, anti-racist responses to the pressing British needs cannot possibly be allowed to replace the corrupt and corrupting Parties that are standing against them.

The polling companies, almost without exception, have done everything to discourage any support for Ukip in their polls and to then ‘modify’ responses to further reduce the apparent Ukip vote share predicted. Even then, Ukip continues to show a 12-14% share or more than the combined vote for the Greens and the LibDems. The one polling company to attempt a reasonably fair polling system shows Ukip at almost double the share shown by other companies. However, with more than 10 million voters claiming to remain undecided the polls have no validity as predictions of the outcome on May 7.

Party (including the Ukip private polling) polling has shown Ukip very much higher than the published polls which may explain the hysteria in the other Parties against Ukip. It is much more than simple hatred for any political Party that does not follow the LibLabCon corrupt, Party pro-EUSSR, model.

It would be a great shame if the LibLabCon,SNP,Greens, Plaid confusion and desperation to tie up the Loony vote should cause the death of the Official Raving Monster Loony Party.

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