Diane Abbott Forgets She Didn’t Think Corbyn Could Win


Diane Abbott Forgets She Didn’t Think Corbyn Could Win
by technoguido

Diane Abbott was on Newsnight last night, adamantly declaring that she had never said Jeremy Corbyn couldn’t win and, of course, Corbyn is the great white hope that will save the Labour party.



Phil Collins: When we were on another television program not so long ago you didn’t think Jeremy Corbyn could win, now you think he [can]

Diane Abbott: No, no, no, no, no, no, I’ve never said he couldn’t win.

Here she is less than two weeks ago on Marr calling the idea that Corbyn could win “silly”.

Marr: I introduced you earlier as a Jeremy Corbyn supporter, which you are.. do you think he can actually win this campaign.

Abbott: No. I mean this story about polls where he comes first, no one’s seen such polls. That’s a silly story.

How long before no one in the Labour party will admit to have doubted Comrade Corbyn?

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