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Zenith Aircraft Updates: Give Flight!
VIDEO: Give Flight!
Oshkosh AirVenture 2015 was another great event!  Under clear skies and with high attendance, volunteers assembled three sets of Zenith wings as part of EAA’s Give Flight program during the week-long fly-in convention in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  [Click the image above to watch the video]



Building wings!
Two Zenith CH 750 wings and one Zenith CH 650 wing set were completed during the week, and are now on their way to EAA chapters where they will be completed as flying aircraft (and hopefully lead to the formation of new flying clubs).  Volunteers constructed the wings on each of the seven days of AirVenture and anyone who walked by was invited to participate by pulling a rivet.  Thank you to all who participated with the Give Flight wings project!
One Week Wonder
The volunteer-based project occurred at the main crossroads of the EAA AirVenture grounds, the same location where the One Week Wonder airplane was built in 2014. The completed One Week Wonder Zenith CH 750 Cruzer aircraft was on display in the EAA Welcome Center (above).
Zenith CH 750 Cruzer at Oshkosh!
The Zenith display was well attended, and was the site for “Engine Day” on Friday where an assortment of manufacturers displayed the different engines (and firewall-forward installations) suitable for Zenith kit aircraft. Zeniths are designed to accommodate a wide assortment of engine choices, from traditional motors (such as the Continental O-200) to modern engines (such as Rotax 912 and UL Power series) as well as alternative engines (such as automotive conversions and diesel).
VIDEO: Engine Day!
The annual Zenith builder banquet on Thursday evening was well attended, with camaraderie among Zenith builders and owners:
Zenith banquet: Oshkosh 2015
Below, the Heintz family with the two banquet cakes:
Zenith banquet: Oshkosh 2015
Two Week Wonder

Zenair Ltd. introduced the “Two Week Wonder” accelerated builder assist program at AirVenture.  Inspired by the One Week Wonder project and modeled after other proven two-week programs, this new service allows builders to complete the aircraft in a remarkably short time!  Spend two dynamic weeks in central Ontario at the Zenair factory and assemble your own remarkable CH 750 aircraft! You’ll experience your first engine run-up before the end of the program – and that will be just the beginning of the thrills!
Zenair’s Two-Week Wonder program is all-inclusive: airframe, engine, firewall-forward engine package, avionics suite, and more… All that’s needed is your undivided attention and participation every day, ten hours a day, for two weeks!

Quick Build Kits (file photo)
More from Oshkosh 2015:
Able Flight presented wings to six new pilots (the Able Flight Class of 2015) at a pinning ceremony on the main stage at AirVenture, and also acknowledged the support of Zenith Aircraft Company, which plans to work with Able Flight to supply accessible aircraft to its growing number of pilots (in addition to sponsoring flight training).
New Able Flight pilots!
Visitors to AirVenture were able to shop for new Zenith Aircraft apparel at the EAA stores and see the eight new Zenith T-shirt designs now available. Hats, pins, and other items are on their way and will be available soon from the Zenith store at Shop EAA.
Zenith Store
The flight to and from AirVenture is often a highlight of the “Oshkosh experience” and the Zenith crew enjoys sharing their flying adventures of the trip, reminding us that the trip itself is often just as rewarding as reaching the destination!
Trip to Oshkosh 2015
Congratulations to Scott Ehni for winning two Outstanding Workmanship awards at EAA Oshkosh 2015 for his plans-built Zenith STOL CH 701 aircraft!  Scott and Cary flew the two Zeniths from Houston, Texas to attend Oshkosh:
Below, watch a few video clips of the flight to Oshkosh.
Roger in the Zenith CH 650 with two Zenith STOL aircraft:
VIDEO: Flight to Oshkosh
Landing on the Yellow Dot (Oshkosh arrival) in the CH 750 Cruzer:
VIDEO: Oshkosh arrival
Flying home to Mexico, Missouri, from Oshkosh:
VIDEO: Flight home from Oshkosh
Zenith Aircraft Company will be hosting its 24th annual Open Hangar Day and Fly-In at its factory in Mexico, Missouri.  All aviation enthusiasts, and especially builders and owners of Zenith Aircraft kit planes, are invited to drive or fly-in for the activities. The Zenith Aircraft kit production facilities will be open for factory tours and Zenith’s factory demonstrator airplanes will be on display – both on the ground and in the air! Company staff will demonstrate kit production and fabrication techniques used in producing the all-metal kit aircraft parts made at the Zenith Aircraft factory.
Starting on Friday, September 18, there are many activities planned, including a series of hands-on educational and informative workshops for existing Zenith owners and builders, as well as for new builders just getting started (or just thinking of starting their own kit aircraft project). Informative seminars are also scheduled, with topics ranging from avionics (both Dynon and Garmin), powerplant and engine installations (Continental, Jabiru, Superior, UL Power, Viking, and more), insurance, aircraft paint, Sport Pilot, and more. The free seminars are about an hour in length, and the presenters will also be available on Saturday to answer questions and/or display their products and services.   Back by popular demand, there will be a friendly STOL demonstration / competition on Friday afternoon (open to all Zeniths), before the Zenith Banquet at the Elks Lodge (right next to the airport) on Friday evening.  More details coming soon.
Great folks and great planes!
See the planes, tour the kit aircraft factory, and meet with the Zenith staff. View photos from last year’s event.

Hands-On Factory Workshops
If you have yet to attend a Zenith workshop at the kit aircraft manufacturing factory in Mexico, Missouri, plan to attend one this summer!
Here’s the schedule for the next few months:

Zenith Aircraft Company’s factory workshops have become popular with sport aviation enthusiasts, giving them the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience in building their own Zenith Aircraft kit plane.

Zenith Aircraft Magazine
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Zenith magazine
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Factory Workshop Zenith CH 650 at 10,000 feet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vwzuDyLdWA
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We look forward to the opportunity of showing our high-wing Zenith CH 750 Cruzer light sport aircraft. The newest Zenith model, the Cruzer is the “on-airport” version of the popular STOL CH 750 “off-airport” light sport utility kit plane, famous for its roomy cabin with comfortable side-by-side seating and easy cabin access from both sides.
While influenced by its well-known STOL predecessors (the STOL CH 701, the STOL CH 750 and four-seat STOL CH 801 sport utility aircraft), the CH 750 Cruzer is an all-new design optimized as an economical cross-country cruiser for typical (airport) operations.  And of course, we also look forward to demonstrating our awesome low-wing Zenith CH 650 cruiser.
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