Fly high with the sky drone PRO


sky drone pro

For a flying gadget like no other, take a look at the Sky Drone Pro. Featuring a mightily impressive 2MP camera for full recording capabilities so you can film every part of your journey mid-flight, this then feeds back to your smartphone via the integrated Wi-Fi. There’s also the six-axis technology that gives it the stability needed for a fun-filled, easy to use flight experience for kids or adults.

The Sky Drone Pro’s other most notable claim to flying fame is the rather snazzy use of Headless Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC), meaning that the direction the drone moves is relative to you rather than the position of the drone itself. You won’t need to battle for flight control with this!
Sky Drone Pro Specifications:
On-board 2MP camera that sends a HD live feed to your mobile
The built-in 6 axis technology ensures the drone is more stable when in flight, so you can easily steer your drone inside or outside
Omni-direction control. So no matter which direction the drone is facing, it is always governed by the handset
Includes link to all relevant software to pair with your mobile phone
Flying drones is subject to CAA guidelines
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