Foreign Office Soliciting “Project Fear” Warnings


Anti-British Kenyan President of the US still searching for more lies to spread

Foreign Office Soliciting “Project Fear” Warnings
by Guido Fawkes

The United States is not keen on pursuing a separate free trade agreement (FTA) deal with Britain if it leaves the European Union, the US trade representative, Michael Froman, claimed on Wednesday in comments almost certainly orchestrated by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office as part of “Project Fear”. The US is Britain’s biggest export market after the EU, buying more than $54 billion (£35 billion) in goods from the UK in 2014. The US is also the biggest foreign direct investor in the UK and similarly the UK is the biggest foreign direct investor in the US. Both countries are long term advocates of free trade at the WTO and it is in their vital interests to maintain open trading arrangements…

Michael Froman is quoted as saying “We’re not particularly in the market for FTAs with individual countries.” Here is a list of 20 US bilateral FTAs taken from his own website:

The FCO is going to have come up with better lines than this nonsense…

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Scottish Labour Clutserfcuk


Scottish Labour Clutserfcuk
by technoguido

The launch of the Scottish Labour party conference is going well, then. They had to remove from YouTube within minutes this new PPB urging Scots to take a “fresh look” at the party after cocking up the spelling of the giant word in the middle of the screen. Leading to joyous Nats mocking them with the #genertaion hashtag…

I hope @scottishlabour have a good conference in Preth! #illgetmycoat #generation

— Nicola Sturgeon (@NicolaSturgeon) October 30, 2015

Here is the original in all its glory, for Guido readers only…

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High pressure


• Considering the routings
• The start postponed to 2pm (French time) or 1pm GMT
• The island of Fuerteventura will be course mark to be left to starboard

A few hours before the start of the second leg, the pressure is mounting on the pontoons of Lanzarote. Each in their own way, the sailors are looking to dispel the inevitable stress that arises when it comes to crossing the Atlantic. Even if the weather conditions are optimal, they all know that no one is safe from a technical problem, that the crossing is long and that they will have to avoid both hard and soft blows.

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Dreaming of butterflies


• End of the safety checks
• Considering the routings
• The Minis prepare to leave Lanzarote

Gradually, the solo racers of the Mini Transat îles de Guadeloupe are leaving Lanzarote behind in their minds, thinking ahead to Guadeloupe, the butterfly island. But before they reach their goal, there is still an ocean to cross. And this is a good thing, because this is also the reason they are here, to face this solo adventure, for days that pass far from the bustle of life on land, for the rediscovery of the basic pleasures of life on board a 6,50m racing across the Atlantic.

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Cameron and the IN-crowd try to scare us this Halloween


Chicken Dave has chickened out of 9 out of 10 red line essential reforms demands and now intends to rely on scaring voters

A week is a long time in politics, let alone a fortnight. The EU has revealed David Cameron will have to provide a written set of demands before the EU Council on 17-18 December – so far in two years he has produced nothing – so none of the Member States even know what he is asking for! Downing Street originally said this letter to the Council would be confidential, but this was rightly overturned and the letter will now be available for public viewing sometime in November. The public have waited forty years for this referendum and it’s only right the whole process is totally transparent. Embarrassingly for the Prime Minister, research from Vote Leave revealed nearly nine out of ten of David Cameron’s pledges leaked so far to change the EU, are not going to be deliverable. That’s very awkward for ‘Call me Dave’!

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CBO says Navy 2016 shipbuilding plan won’t work; Tuco Marine introduces two new SAR boat designs

TriMarine-13e0bb53591595edf0c2569d715f1754 L

Bulbous bow spilled fuel, owners to pay $1.05 million
October 30, 2015—Following a pollution incident that saw a tuna boat spill fuel oil that had been stored in its bulbous bow, three Tri-Marine tuna fishing companies have agreed to pay $1.05 million in civil penalties.

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Exmouth RNLI volunteers rescue kitesurfer from Polesands

oct-3015-PR301015 Kitesurfer rescue

Left to right: Crew volunteer, Guy Munnings; Kitesurfer casualty and Crew volunteer, Andrew Stott in front of D class inshore lifeboat George Bearman and Tooltrak tractor involved in the rescue. (credit: Exmouth RNLI)

Inshore lifeboat George Bearman launched at 12.55pm on 30 October to a kitesurfer on a sandbank, 500m south of the lifeboat station.

Crew volunteers were on scene within four minutes following a call to the Coastguard from the casualty’s mother, on the beach. The lady from London had lost control of her kite when the wind dropped in a strong ebb tide.

China Cup – AY Race Report 1

AY Pre-Regatta Report

Emirates Team New Zealand wins shifty Passage Race
By CCIR Media – Sailing Intelligence
Friday 30 October 2015, Shenzhen, China: Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ) confirmed its status as one of the favourites for victory at the 9th edition of the China Cup International Regatta after winning the opening day of this four-day event, the 30-mile Hong Kong to Shenzhen Passage Race. After a shaky start, world top-ten ranked match racer Chris Steele managed to steer the Kiwis through to the front of the 25-boat one-design Beneteau 40.7 fleet after making the most of a big wind shift to the right, sailing around the early leaders.

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