More On That Corbynista ‘Voodoo Poll’


More On That Corbynista ‘Voodoo Poll’
by Guido Fawkes

Labour voters Labour members Corbyn electors
Approve 52% 28% 16%
Disapprove 26% 58% 72%
Don’t Know 22% 14% 12%

Above is a YouGov poll which found that only 26% of Labour voters disapprove of bombing Syria, this rises to 58% of Labour members and 72% of Corbyn backing Labour members. Yet somehow the Corbynistas have counted a sample of 1,900 responses out of 107,875 they got back from an email burst and found 75% of members oppose the RAF bombing ISIS in Syria. How can this be?

Well it all depends who is doing the counting. Guido is told by a source inside Labour HQ that the counting was done by the new digital chief, Ben Soffa. Who is Ben?

Ben is a new Corbynista appointee, his previous job was spinning for the militant TSSA union, before that he was a press officer for the CND, did digital stuff for Hacked Off and was the secretary of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. An impartial counter of votes, really?

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Greece v Turkey


Greece demonstrates how the EUSSR brings peace, by speeding the Turkish EUSSR membership to increase the number of Islamists pouring into Europe. 75 million Turks would make their aerial incursions of Greek airspace look really trivial Another triumph for Junker and his cronies?

Greece v Turkey
by reevoguido

Greek PM @tsipras_eu deletes tweets criticizing Turkey for airspace violations #EUTurkey

— kostas rossoglou (@kostasrossoglou) November 29, 2015

Greek leader Alex Tsipras has had a dig at the Turkish Prime Minister over the downing of Russia’s jet in a series of hastily deleted tweets. It appears the Greek premier, leader of a country that routinely suffers violations of its airspace by Turkey, was not too impressed at the shooting down of a plane that was only in Turkish airspace for a mere 17 seconds. Who would have thought a socialist would be prone to such sabre rattling?

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LISA Pathfinder ready for launch from Kourou

lisa esa

§ Last step on Earth before setting out on a 8-week journey to the first Sun-Earth Lagrange Point

§ 100 years after Einstein introduced the general theory of relativity, LISA Pathfinder is testing technologies that will help us to understand gravitational waves


LISA Pathfinder, the European Space Agency’s gravitational-wave detection technology demonstrator, is being readied by engineers from Airbus Defence and Space, the world´s second largest space company, for a 2 December 2015 lift-off from Kourou, French Guiana.

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Raja Muda Regatta – AY Race Report 6 & Summary

Goto Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta Goto 2015-16 AYGP Championship
26th Raja Muda Selangor Int Regatta 2015

AY Race Report 6 & Summary

2015/16 AY Grand Prix Event

New name on Raja Muda Cup – Sarab Singh Windsikher II
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
28th Nov 2015: Overnight the North Easterly realigned itself along the harbour, with 12 to 14 knots and blue sky, to bring a picture perfect conclusion to the regatta. One passage race for the Multihull and Cruising classes and two windward/leeward races for the IRC racers, for the final showdown. Several classes already had an outright winner, while others the possibility of toppling the leader and settling the podium places existed. Despite a solid week of racing and crews feeling the stress and strain, they were all back out on the water and ready to race. As the high noon starting horn sounded, it was on in earnest and the best day of racing on picturesque Bass Harbour was left to last. Goto AY Photo Gallery

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Sunderland & Tynemouth RNLI assist in the rescue of windsurfer in 60mph winds

Image 3

Archive image in calm weather

Date: 29/11/2015
Author: Paul Nicholson

Lifeboat volunteers from Sunderland and Tynemouth RNLI Station were called into action earlier this afternoon (Sunday 29 November) to assist a windsurfer who was in difficulty in the water at Seaburn after becoming separated from his board in 60mph winds

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