An awards ceremony full of emotion


We know about the business of awards cermonies. They are one of those obligations because it is the opportunity to officially celebrate the winners, thank all those who contributed to the success of the event, and put a full stop on the race. Behind it, there will be some secret get-togethers, a last toast to friendship, a planned stroll in a little circles on the beaches of Guadeloupe, but the piquant flavour of the race will gradually fade.

However, this awards ceremony broke all the protocols when the race directors, François Séruzier, Jean-Jacques Quéré…and Denis Hugues were invited on stage. Breaking his convalescence especially to greet the competitors of the Mini Transat islands of Guadeloupe, it is Hugues who has represented the spirit of the Mini Transat for many years and he received spontaneous applause, which turned into a standing ovation lasting several minutes.

After this moment of grace, the Mini Transat celebrated the worthy winners and honoured those who had received special prices. It was an appropriately dignified ceremony for event that was exceptional from many points of view.

Second leg of the Mini Transat Guadeloupe Islands

Eurovia Ranking – Cegelec, Prototypes: Frédéric Denis (Nautipark)

Océan Ranking – Bioactif, Production boats: Julien Pulvé (Novintiss)

Overall ranking in the Mini Transat îles de Guadeloupe

Eurovia Ranking – Cegelec:, Prototypes Frédéric Denis (Nautipark)

Ranking Ocean – Bioactive, Production boats: Ian Lipinski (Entreprises Innovantes)

The Guadeloupe CCI Trophy (Douarnenez – Pointe du Raz): Frédéric Denis (Nautipark)

The Cornouaille CCI Trophy (Saint-François gate – finish line): Jean-Baptiste Daramy (Chocolats Paries)

The CCI Trophy for fighting spirit (the most miles covered): Dominik Lenk (

Air Caraïbes Trophy (best 24h performance):

Prototypes: Frédéric Denis (Nautipark): 295.57 miles

Series: Julien Pulvé (Novintiss): 278.77 miles

They said:
Bertrand Nardin, President of Douarnenez Courses:
“First of all I must apologise on behalf of the senator and mayor of Douarnenez who could not stay with us until today, but asked me to convey his greetings and sporting salutations. When the Classe Mini entrusted us with the organisation of the Mini Transat, we knew that success would involve the establishment of strong partnerships with the finishing destination of the race. We found, here in Guadeloupe, a receptive audience and above all the desire to do things well and I would cite the City of Pointe-à-Pitre, Cap Excellence, the Guadeloupe Chamber of Commerce, CTiG and Région Guadeloupe as key partners of the event.

The commitment that began in 2013 has found its confirmation in this 2015 edition, allowing us to popularise the race among Guadeloupeans, to develop economic and cultural exchanges, but also to organise the best welcome for the competitors who arrived to appreciate it. A final word to finish: Vive la Mini Transat îles de Guadeloupe! and see you at the Nautic (Paris Boat Show) in eight days for the final award ceremony.”

Jacques Bangou, mayor of Pointe-à-Pitre
“We’re used to the Route du Rhum, but with the Mini Transat, we discovered something new, another way of doing things. We’re proud that the Région Guadeloupe joined us for this 2015 edition. There was the same wholehearted response, which the city of Pointe-à-Pitre gave in 2013, and this is the reason for the commitment of the Région Guadeloupe. It is this desire to bring together the economic and sporting sides of the event, which guides us now. We will help each other to grow and to Douarnenez, we appreciated your ability to organise volunteers around the event, I hope you enjoyed our sense of hospitality and friendliness. We are ready to welcome you again in 2017. “

Mary Renaud, President of the Classe Mini
“Thanks to Douarnenez Courses and the event team, who have done a superb job in organising this Mini Transat îles de Guadeloupe. It was a really great edition. Thank you to the city of Pointe-à-Pitre and the Guadeloupe islands who made us feel at home. Thank you to the race director who adapted to the new circumstances, as well as the support boats and the race jury. Finally, I want to say to all the skippers, huge congratulations because you have made this an outstanding edition which will be discussed for a long time to come.”

Alix Nabajoth, Vice-President of the Région Guadeloupe
“We know that the future of the Mini Transat îles de Guadeloupe will be decided by the application process, which we will reply to shortly. Already, the President of the Région Guadeloupe is committed to deepening the partnership with the city of Douarnenez for 2017 and 2019. We have developed relationships beyond the race, including organising exchanges between Breton and Guadeloupean companies. We were partners in Douarnenez Courses as a community, we succeeded with this 2015 edition and we have expertise and we’re ready to host the Mini Transat again to achieve even more visibility for the Guadeloupe region. Goodbye to this 2015 edition, with the hope that the vote of the Classe Mini allows us to continue the work we have started in 2017 and 2019.”

• The fastest over 24-hours: Fred Denis in the Prototypes = 295.57 miles at an average speed of 12.3 knots.
• In the Production boats, Julien Pulvé set a new record = 278.7 miles at an average speed of 11.6 knots.
• The most miles covered (Prototypes): Dominik Lenk 3,477.28 miles (second leg)
• The most miles covered (Production boats): Yuri Firsov 2,917.24 miles (second leg)
• 57 out of 72 starters finished

FRÉDÉRIC DENIS / Winner of the Prototypes / N°800 Nautipark
• 3rd in the first leg and 1st the second leg
• Race time: 19d 23h 19min 55secs
• Number of cups of coffee: 0
• Other beverages: water, Orangina, Fanta, lemon juice and honey, peach syrup
• Number of calories consumed per day: 3298 kcal
• breakfast cereal (400 kcal) + 1.5 freeze dried or canned meals (800 kcal) + 50g of dried fruit (100 kcal) + 1 chocolate bar (545 kcal) + 50g of M&M’s (253 kcal) + 6 cereal bars (600 kcal) + 1 packet of charcuterie (300 kcal) + cheese (300 kcal)
• Number of kilos lost: 6
• Number of books read: 3.5 crime thrillers
• Number of hours of music: 3 hours at the finish
• Number of days without talking to anyone: 9 days because he was so quickly far ahead of the others (except 30 seconds with a cargo ship)
• Last sentence in the logbook: “Que trépasse si je faiblis” (from the film, Les Visiteurs). After hearing the weather Guadeloupean forecast 35 miles of from Désirade: “Cool, the approach to Guadeloupe looks nice!”
• Excessive fatigue: “I have a phobia of storms, I thought that there were some when it was probably not the case; I saw lightning, but I never heard thunder.”

IAN LIPINSKI / Winner of the Production boat class / N°866 Entreprise(s) Innovante(s)
• 1st in the first leg and 2nd in the second leg
• Race time: 22j 09h 36min and 30secs
• Number of cups of coffee: 15
• Other drinks: water and lemon water
• Number of books read: 1, The Three Musketeers
• Number of calories consumed per day: 1,526 kcal
• 1.5 canned meals (800 kcal) + 1 piece of fruit (110 kcal) + 2 snickers (616 kcal)
• “I threw everything into the water three days before the finish because of the sudden stress of losing the overall lead, I even emptied my juice drinks.”
• Number of kilos lost: in theory zero…
• Number of hours of music: 0 on the first leg, 8 on the second
• Number of days without talking to anyone: the last 2 days
• Last sentence on the logbook, 3 hours before finishing: “I just got hit by a squall, I was left in a heap, I am done physically, nervously … and I have lost.”
• Excessive fatigue: “I had a very difficult wake-up, I had the feeling of looking at the sky and being outside while I was deep in my boat. I thought there were people on deck doing manoeuvres and wondered what they were doing. “

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