Would You Walk A Mile In Jezza’s Shoes?


Would You Walk A Mile In Jezza’s Shoes?
by reevoguido

The auction for a pair of Jeremy Corbyn’s shines shoes has reached a staggering £230. The Labour leader’s knackered size 11s are being sold on eBay to raise money for the Small Steps Project, a charity that helps children living in landfill sites. A noble cause indeed, although Guido can’t imagine who would want to be in Corbyn’s shoes right now…

Jez isn’t the only Labour leader to donate their old footwear to the charity however, with Ed Miliband kindly giving up a pair of his rather more upmarket Black Oxfords. Sadly, they’re generating rather less interest, and at the time of writing they’ve only managed to fetch £31.

Where are the Milifans when you need them?

H/T @youngvulgarian
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