Helicopter industry – December 2015 Airwaves attached.


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URGENT LATE NEWS – December major CASA/AHIA projects.


From the AHIA President

The AHIA welcomes the recent announcement by Mark Skidmore, DAS/CEO of CASA, about their pending restructure of CASA. I agree subject to there being tangible and workable outcomes, this has been a long time coming. Because of the slow pace of the Regulatory Reform process, confidence in CASA is at a very low level. 


Over the past two years the AHIA and other Associations, individually and collectively via The Australian Aviation Associations’  Forum, (TAAAF) have identified the major issues and concerns of the industry. We have given reasons why these concerns exist and offered potential solutions. Little or no action has been taken on these suggestions


The AHIA welcomes the invitation from CASA to participate in the Part 61 Solutions Task Force. The AHIA and other Associations have been offering industry expertise to assist with the Regulatory Reform process for some time. It is pleasing this is coming to fruition with the first meeting scheduled for 16 December 2015. Outcomes from this Task Force need to be quick. The extensions to transition periods have done nothing to placate the industry as it sees it as an additional twelve months of indecision and added expense. Because of inconsistency and cost, a number of AHIA members, and other helicopter operators, have written to CASA requesting their applications for Part 142 and/or Part 145 Certificates be suspended until such time as there is standardised and defined application process.


The issues need to be prioritised and actioned as a matter of urgency. Peter Crook, President. Australian Helicopter Industry Association


Significant coming events involving AHIA.


ATPL meeting. 15 December 2015. To be confirmed. The unresolved issues which have resulted in the collapse of the ATPL system. The RW industry is suffering the most.


Aviation Training Package Survey by TLSIC. To be confirmed. Deputy Prime Minister authorised study independent of CASA. If briefing to industry is being arranged; then key stakeholders may be invited. AHIA has supported this important survey (one of five recent surveys). Launched by government to find more comment on regulatory reform shortcomings.


Part 61 Solution Task Force Inaugural Meeting.  16 December 2015. VP Ray Cronin will be attending meeting in Canberra as the AHIA representative. This task force has been set up by the DAS and includes some 25 CASA delegates and around 10 industry representatives. A situation being watched closely by TAAAF.


General Action Group. Meeting  17 December 2015 with CASA. GA Action Group is a subcommittee of the Aviation Industry Consultative Council. President Peter Crook will attend.


Airwaves December – Quick find helicopter articles:

Page 12. “From the helicopter editor.” Vale Richard and Carol Green (with John Davis – film maker).

Page 13. “CHC’s cockpits go paperless.” Update on introduction of the OzRunways electronic flight bag.

Page 14. “AHIA looking back to go forward in 2016.” President, Peter Crook, looks at the year passed and future challenges.

Page 15. “Rotortech 2016 – Set to break a record?” Individual booths are almost gone, and a few sponsor’s booths remain.

Page 16. “New member – 12 Apostles Helicopters.” Booming tourist industry caused by stay-at-home tourists due falling dollar and more Asian tour groups.


Next event

Rotortech 2016. Fri 27 to Sun 29 May 2016. This will be the second AHIA’s Rotortech event, moving from two to three days (at exhibitors request) at the Novotel Twin Waters Resort, Sunshine Coast, Qld. The venue is only a short taxi trip from Sunshine Coast Airport (and about one hour’s drive from the Brisbane International Airport). The inaugural event in 2014 was sold out three months prior and feedback from exhibitors indicated it was very successful. The 2016 event will be almost double in size and has an extra day to accommodate those needing more trade activities. (Trade areas and displays are open to the general public and admission is complimentary). Helicopter OEM representatives are excited about the new 10,000 sqm., partly grassed area a short walk across the road from the Wandiny Room venue. The area could hold 50 or more helicopters. In addition, helicopter operators and private owners will be offered complimentary parking in the grass covered area adjacent to the beachside road, within the resort’s grounds. (Same as last event). This event has double the number of booths – a total of 50. To make more space available, the conference activities have been moved to a nearby conference facility. Expressions of interest are requested from speakers, folks needing booths or those able to sponsorship some of the services. More access to trade areas and conference free time is being inserted into the programme. Non-sponsor booths are almost sold out. Call Rob – 0415 641 774.


Exhibitors: Aeromasters  Powervamp; Aero Parts Australia; Air Affairs Australia X 3; Airbus Group Australia Pacific; Airwork (NZ) Ltd; Asia Pacific Aerospace; Availl Australia (Boeing) X 2; Avinet Pty Ltd; DAC International Inc; Eco2000 Pty Ltd; Electronic & Mechanical Calibrations; ETMC Technologies; Flightcell International; Hawker Pacific X 3; Helicopter Association International; Heliflite; Hillsboro Aero Academy; Honeywell International Inc; Intermountain Turbine Services; Interlease Pty Ltd; Leader Aviation Services; M.O.S.S Australia; Oceania Aviation; Olympus Australia; Pacific Crown Helicopters X 3; Precision Heliparts Australia; Red Baron ALSE; Sikorsky Helitech X 3; TracPlus Global Ltd; Turbomeca Australia and Wintech International.


Helibiz Safaris is planning a huge fly-in and we are developing special events for private pilots and owners of light helicopters. (Call Troy 0408 770 488).


Please join us: Included is an application form – send to a friend. We need your help with funding so we can work more closely with the regulator to streamline troublesome rules before they become mandatory and costly requirements. If we don’t, then unintentional cost overruns may price us out of business and also make us non-competitive for the training of overseas students from Asia, etc.


Kindest regards,


Rob Rich

AHIA Events Organiser