Pro-Migrant Campaigner Pelted With Rocks… By Migrants

Pro-Migrant Campaigner Pelted With Rocks… By Migrants

by reevoguido

Pro-migrant activist and Calais volunteer Simon Dunning was on Sky News earlier, where he told Mark Stone in perfectly-clipped vowels that those in ‘the jungle’ should be let into the UK. Dunning’s message was that the government must “let in six and a half thousand people here who are begging for him to find sanctuary from the warUnfortunately at this point Sky’s intrepid reporter had to interrupt proceedings as the migrants below started a fire and began throwing rocks at them. How’s that for gratitude…

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No Mao Kids For You Says Green Party Wonk

natalie-bennett-scowl          Yours, Nuttily Bennett

No Mao Kids For You Says Green Party Wonk

by reevoguido

Guido has unearthed some footage that might upset the Green Party’s bid to reassure voters that they’re not a bunch of crypto-communist totalitarians. An old interview has emerged shows Sandy Irvine, the then chair of Newcastle Green party, coming out in support of China’s one child policy. That’s right, Irvine praised a policy that has resulted in forced abortions, compulsory sterilization and mass infanticide. Speaking to The Great Debate, the Green Party leader said:

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BookPicks: An Easter Selection

BookPicks: An Easter Selection

by BigJules

With an early Easter coming up next month why not forget the chocolate eggs and Simnel cake and buy a book – either for yourself or to give to a friend. A book will bring hours of pleasure and be lasting reminder in itself of someone putting thought into a gift. Here’s my easter bookpicks – with hopefully something for everyone. They all have a salty connection of some kind!

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Innovation needs Brexit, Vote Leave at UKIP Spring, How the EU pushes up your energy bills

douglascarswell-3.jpgNew on Talkcarswell:

Innovation is the mark of a successful economy. 19th-century Britain became the richest nation on the planet with a century of invention that raised productivity and prosperity to unprecedented levels. How did we do it? Low taxes, cheap energy, light regulations, open markets, free trade, and sound money. Why is Europe stagnating today? Because the EU does the exact opposite. …

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Subic Boracay Race – AY Race Report 2

Jelik claims overall IRC stakes in Subic to Boracay Race
By AsianYachting MultiMedia
29:02:2016 Boracay, Philippines: After winning the start by a bow length, Frank Pong’s Custom Dibley 75 Jelik, navigated through the transitional zones to leeward of Mount Mariveles and Palay with care and cleared the notoriously tricky Verde Island Passage relatively unobstructed, to claim the handicap honours by over two hours, from Ernesto Echauz’s defending champion TP52 Standard Insurance Centennial III. The race turned into a go/stop affair and the yachts taking the inshore line benefited, while the yachts offshore found their own parking lots and lost valuable time in the process. Last years record setting, Syd Fischer’s Dubois 90 Ragamuffin 90 skippered by David Witt, saw their chances of repeating the exercise disappear, as they sat motionless and most the fleet overtook them. From then on, they played catch up, in time to claim line honours but well outside the record time and conceded several handicap places to finish fifth overall.

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