Extra ‘Vulcan Assistant’ opportunities put you ‘hands-on’ with XH558.

Vulcan Assistants – additional dates just added due to huge interest




Vulcan Assistants – additional dates just added due to huge interest

On Tuesday, we announced the limited release of places to join our engineering team as a ‘Vulcan Assistant’ where you could work on XH558 under full supervision for a day.

Due to the quick take-up of these places and the huge number of enquiries, we have now added additional dates for the coming weeks.
Ray Watts checks the pressures on XH558’s tyres. She does have 18 in total! Just one of the varied tasks you could be helping with.

Starting at 9.30am and finishing at 4pm, you would effectively be providing additional man-power during some of the regular maintenance tasks, such as tyre inflation, oil and gas monitoring, landing gear lubrication and structural and wiring inspections across the entire aircraft which may also include system functional testing.

Lunch and refreshment breaks are included – although we are not sure if Taff’s supply of Jaffa Cakes will be out of his locker!

It’s a great ‘hands-on’ experience with a true aviation icon. One for the family photo album!
Price for this experience is £125.00, including lunch and refreshments
Might you have a relative or friend who would love this rare opportunity to work on Vulcan XH558?

All attendees must meet certain health and mobility conditions and will need to wear suitable clothing for work in an engineering environment, when clothes may become dirty. Suitable footwear will also be required
Do please call 01302 623300 if you have any query before booking.
We reported Tuesday with sad news of the passing of an aviation legend, Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown, so are delighted that BBC2 are recognising his achievements and honouring his life with a special programme to be aired this evening at 7pm.

Please set your recorders now or make a note to settle down very shortly to watch. It should be filled with fascinating historical archive images and personal accounts from Eric himself.
More details here on the BBC2 website

Flying Scotsman makes a welcome return to the East coast mainline
Flying Scotsman pulling in to Platform 9 at York Station yesterday just ahead of moving to the National Railway Museum. Image courtesy of NRM.
Following her return to the tracks after a major restoration project, Flying Scotsman made national news headlines yesterday when she travelled the traditional London to York journey along the East Coast Mainline with fee-paying passengers. It was just like old times! See a great video feature here
The iconic locomotive, another great example of British innovation and engineering prowess, will now stay at the National Railway Museum for a few weeks before embarking on an intensive range of tour dates and excursions across the country. FIND OUT MORE BY VISITING THEIR WEBPAGE HERE

Enjoy a VIP guided tour with Barry Masefield


Retired XH558 AEO Barry Masefield will be conducting guided tours of the aircraft and giving presentations on not only his role in the RAF and the Falklands Conflict, but a review of being part of the aircrew team that helped return XH558 to flight before displaying her to thousands of people every season.
A really fascinating insight. Barry Masefield, during his days with The Vulcan Display Flight, pre 1993. Amazingly, he has not realty changed that much!
Barry Masefield, during his days with The Vulcan Display Flight, pre 1993. Amazingly, he has not really changed that much since!

Here is a recent TripAdvisor® review:

We booked the Audience with Barry and were part of a small group of six people. There were two presentations, one in the morning and after a short break, the other in the afternoon.Barry did a wonderful talk and maintained our interest throughout the day. We had time to enjoy a leisurely walk around the Vulcan with Barry explaining various item of interest. An excellent day – great value for money.
Moving XM573 into the Strategic Air Command Museum in 1982 – Nebraska, USA
Our historical article today comes courtesy of Wing Commander Adrian Sumner RAF ret’d, who as Detachment Commander, was not only responsible for organising the RAF’s run-down of operations at Offutt Air Force Base after 25 years as a Detachment, but also the hand-over ceremony and leaving party (or should we say parties?) for the families, as well as the oversight of the safe arrival of Vulcan XM573 when she was gifted to the SAC Museum.

In his article, he includes some fascinating pictures of that time in 1982. Readers may know that Vulcan XM573 also gave up a vital Vulcan component needed for Operation Corporate during the Falklands Conflict.
Talking about his role, Adrian said “I had nothing to do with the Falkland’s War as I was on the periphery, although I was tasked with getting a nose re-fuelling probe back to the UK for the Vulcans and the Nimrods.
“There was some regret that I couldn’t take part as I knew the crews who did, and if I’d have been at Waddington I would have been sent.”

Wing Commander Adrian Sumner, now volunteering in Hangar 3.
Adrian’s career also took him to RAF Finningley, where, as a Squadron Leader, he commanded the Dominie Squadron from 1985 to 1988, and returning as a Wing Commander, was OC Operations and Pilot Training Wing from 1991 to 1993. (The Station closed 3 years later in 1996.) On both occasions, Adrian spent a great deal of time working in the very hangar where XH558 is housed today.
Living locally, it is perhaps unsurprising that he has volunteered to be a member of our hangar team, so he brings a wealth of experience on all things Vulcan that he will no doubt pass on to the tour guides and to anyone who is fortunate enough to join one of his own tours.

We welcome Adrian and look forward to more fascinating stories and pictures over the coming months.
Adrian writes:
Please find attached a series of photographs I took on Sunday 13th June 1982 when the RAF Detachment moved XM573 into the SAC Museum at the end of the disused runway at Offutt AFB, Omaha, Nebraska. As you can imagine, it took a number of hours as the Vulcan was squeezed into place. We were lucky in places where the Vulcan wing was low enough to go under some of the parked aircraft, and in the case of the ‘Hustler’ – just high enough to go over! (see photo).
There were also places where propellers had to be rotated as the aircraft was towed past. I took the photo of 573 in its final resting place from the cockpit of one of the transport aircraft in the Museum. The photo of all the Detachment personnel and families was taken the following Monday when the Museum held a special VIP tour for us.

As a post script, the SAC Museum was moved in 1998 to just off the I-80 between Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska. SEE THE FULL ARTICLE HERE
Vulcan celebration cakes most welcome!
Well, not so much the physical cakes as they tend not to travel too well, but we certainly encourage pictures from our readers to share with everyone as their special occasions often warrant a Vulcan theme.This week we heard from John Pownall, who sent in a picture of a cake made for his father’s 80th.

Many congratulations to Mr Pownall senior from all of us here.

John writes:
Dear Vulcan to the Sky,
I don’t know if it is of interest but it was my father’s 80th Birthday at the weekend and he has always admired the Vulcan Bomber.He was very disappointed like many others when she retired so to cheer him up we arranged for the Vulcan to land on his birthday cake. (Please see attached)He was really overjoyed and didn’t want to cut the cake so we removed the Vulcan and placed it in his fridge at home so he can admire it a little longer.The cake was made by friends of the family and it is all icing even the Vulcan. They even managed to add XH558 to the tail.

Do please send any images and stories related to Vulcan or other V-Force aircraft to us here
More aviation #shelfies
We continue to receive fascinating insights to the book collections and interests amongst our readership. First one today is from Terry Hammond.
The following from John Evans.
If you have any more collections like this, do please photograph and send in here
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