Khan Ally: “Israel is a Terrorist State Like ISIS”

Khan Ally: “Israel is a Terrorist State Like ISIS”

by WikiGuido

Cancer at the heart of Labour

100 hours until the polls open and Sadiq Khan is faced with Evening Standard front pages about Labour’s racism storm, not to mention what the Sundays have to bring. He might have been swift to condemn him, but Khan courted Ken and campaigned for him time and time again. This morning Ken told LBC he wanted to stop talking about Hitler and focus on getting the vote out for Sadiq…

Yesterday Jewish News revealed the Labour council leader in Brent called Israel “a terrorist state like ISIS”. Sadiq has campaigned alongside Muhammed Butt on multiple occasions. Butt is not a nobody, he is a council leader and an ally of Khan. To align yourself with one race row extremist could be considered misfortune, to align yourself with two, three, four, five

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