Ulstein launches first offshore wind service vessel; Recovering El Faro VDR requires new mission

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VIDEO: Ulstein launches first offshore wind service vessel
April 28, 2016—Norway’s Ulstein Verft shipyard has launched its first offshore wind services vessel. It is also the first vessel to feature Ulstein’s newly-developed X-Stern hull line design. The service operation vessel is one of two being constructed for Bernhard Schulte Offshore, and will be working for Siemens, servicing the Gemini Wind Park offshore the Netherlands.



Recovering El Faro VDR requires new mission
The current mission will continue to gather imagery of the El Faro hull and debris field until successfully completed.

Harley Marine orders two ATB tank barges from Gunderson
Gunderson Marine has secured an order to build two 82,000 bbl, 430 foot-long Articulated oceangoing tank barges for Harley Marine Services.

VIDEO: Study questions Panama Canal maneuvering safety
The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) says that the study’s simulation exercises indicated that the safety of maneuverability is compromised due to several factors, including the locks’ dimensions being too small for safe operation.

Third EBDG designed ATB barge joins Harley fleet
Vigor Fab shipyard has delivered the tank barge Fight ALS to Harley Marine Gulf, joining Harley’s offshore fleet working the Gulf and East Coast to transport clean petroleum products, specifically gasoline and distillates.

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