Provezza’s Pair of Threes Trumps 52 SUPER SERIES Fleet in Porto Cervo


(Tuesday 28th June, Sardinia) – Provezza finished last month’s Scarlino Cup regatta under a cloud. On the last run of the last race they slid down the leaderboard from a respectable fourth to a disappointing eighth. ?Ergin Imre’s team bounced right back today opening the Audi Settimana delle Bocche regatta with a nice pair of solid third places to lead the regatta, the second of the 2016 52 SUPER SERIES season.

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2016 Land Rover Kelowna Melges 24 Canadian National Championship – Ian Sloan, Wet Coast Sailing Team and Richard Reid, are the top 3 Winners


Melges 24 fleet at the 2016 Land Rover Kelowna Melges 24 Canadian National Championships
June 27, 2016 – Kelowna, B.C., Canada – Winners in the 2016 Land Rover Kelowna Canadian National Championship overall and in the Corinthian ranking announced! Kelowna Yacht Club hosted the 2016 Land Rover Kelowna Melges 24 Canadian National Championship from June 24-26 in Kelowna.

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The GameChangers Series

The GameChangers Series

by BigJules

I’ve always been fascinated by pivotal points in history; events and discoveries in the past that have shaped our modern world – and it’s been a most enjoyable diversion from my Kydd Series (which I am certainly continuing with, as well…) to write the first two books in GameChangers Series, The Silk Tree and The Powder of Death. They are both standalone novels, but connected by the fact that they deal with major milestones in history that have shaped our modern world.

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Wellington’s Engineers, Military Engineering in the Peninsular War, 1808-1814


This is a very welcome addition to the publish pool of knowledge for the Peninsular War and general warfare to the 20th Century. Very readable and well-supported by images, This is the first book to cover military engineering during the Peninsular War by the British Army. A must-read book for all interested in land forces at war.

Russian Eyewitness Accounts of the Campaign of 1807



This carefully edited collection of eyewitness accounts of the battles between the French and the Russians provides a balanced view but much of the information will be new to English-language readers. There is a fine monochrome photo-plate section which adds greatly to the content, graphically demonstrating the terrible conditions under which many battles were fought. Recommended.

Churchill’s Navy, The Ships People and Organization 1939-1945



The author is now so firmly established as a prolific writer of naval subjects that each new book tends to be compared to his previous work rather than to current and past authors. Once again, he has produced an authoritative work that is both concise and comprehensive. The work is lavishly illustrated and will stand for many years as the definitive work on the subject. Highly Recommended.

The Battle of the River Plate, The First Naval Battle of the Second World War



This was not only the first naval battle of WWII, but it was a victory for a small force of British and Commonwealth warships against a significantly more powerful enemy. The author has produced a well researched work that carries monochrome images in support of a flowing text that carries the reader through this exciting story.Highly Recommended.