BAE Systems has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with The Federation of Security and Defence Industries (FSDI) of Latvia to investigate potential partners in-country who can provide indigenous support of Latvia’s new Combat Reconnaissance (Tracked) (CVR(T)) vehicles, as well as giving direct support for the vehicles where required.

The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) announced the contract to supply 123 CVR(T) vehicles to Latvia in September 2014. The vehicles which have previously been used on operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq and Afghanistan, are being fully overhauled and refurbished by BAE Systems prior to delivery.

“This agreement will ensure not only that Latvia’s fleet of CVR(T)s are in first-class working order, but will help Latvia maintain the vehicle on its home soil with local industry partners.” said Rory Breen, Head of Export of BAE Systems Land (UK).

Agris Dundars, Chairman of the FSDI added: “The MoU with BAE Systems will mean the new CVR(T) fleet of vehicles can be fully relied upon to fulfil their role while bringing additional benefits to Latvia. We are pleased to be working directly with the company that designed, manufactured and has continued to support the vehicle since it came into service.”

Martin O’Neill, BAE Systems’ Platform Manager for CVR(T), explained: “The CVR(T) is an exceptionally flexible vehicle with a long service history. It is an ideal and cost-effective vehicle for Latvian Armed Forces with its outstanding terrain accessibility, high power-to-weight ratio and protection.”

“Latvia’s vehicles have many upgrades already, such as increased engine power and running gear, with the full list including a powered turret for swifter target engagement, improved environmental mitigation such as heating and air conditioning, a completely new hull to better protect against mine blasts and IEDs and a variety of other protection and mobility improvements.”

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