The Day the Nazis Came


The Day the Nazis Came
Stephen R. Matthews
6th October 2016 | Paperback | £7.99

“It has been said that our own personal traits and characteristics are formed between the ages of three and seven, and, by the time I reached my seventh birthday, I had been, imprisoned, terrorised, threatened, starved, beaten, had my hand broken by a German guard, bombed, shelled, shot at, spat upon and finally stranded in a minefield.”

At six years old, Stephen R. Matthews had been deported from his home in Nazi occupied Guernsey, bombarded by the Luftwaffe and sent to a prison camp in the in the heart of Hitler’s Third Reich.
He’d seen people die in front of him, walked miles to Biberach and had his hand broken by a German guard. He had seen unspeakable horrors, and yet his childlike sense of wonder and curiosity remained.
Imprisoned for three and a half years, the Matthews were kept strong only by their love for each other. When they eventually returned to Guernsey, it had been stripped beyond all recognition; the effect of the war on small communities is often overlooked and underestimated to everyone but those who live there.

Brought to life through Stephen’s extraordinary experiences, extracts from his mother’s diaries and previously unpublished photos of historical significance, The Day the Nazis Came Here is an utterly unique memoir.
Stephen Matthews is now retired, and living with his wife in France. He is currently writing his next book about his experiences as a police officer in the British Colonial Police Force in Belgian Congo.

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