Your Social Security number may have been stolen



The news broke a few days ago that illegal immigrants have stolen the Social Security numbers of 1.1 million Americans…

… the IRS has known about it for FIVE YEARS…

… and they’ve done NOTHING to stop it.

What more proof do we need that Obama’s liberal operative John Koskinen, the commissioner of the IRS, should be impeached and removed from his post IMMEDIATELY?!

Tea Party Patriots has been leading the charge to impeach Koskinen for months, and we’re coming closer than ever to accomplishing the goal.

But we need your continued financial support to finish the job. Will you please make a much-needed contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, or whatever you can possibly afford right away?


It’s bad enough that this man has been covering the tracks of the political attack dogs at the IRS after they targeted pro-freedom grassroots groups like Tea Party Patriots for harassment.

It’s bad enough that he has LIED to Congress about his knowledge of his agency’s nefarious activities.

Now, we have found out that the IRS has known for FIVE YEARS that illegal immigrants are stealing Social Security numbers…

… and they have done NOTHING to stop it!

Please help us ratchet up the pressure on Congress to impeach and remove this liberal hack. Make a much-needed gift to help fund our grassroots plan of action right now.

Your Social Security number may have been among those stolen, Ian. You may not even know it yet.

And if you are, you have the IRS to blame. These bureaucrats are supposed to be preventing such a scenario, but they have let this widespread identity theft go on for five years.

The best answer they can give is, “We’re making progress.”

Well, for 1 million Americans whose identities have been stolen by illegal aliens, it’s clear that not enough “progress” has been made.

And the only kind of “progress” we’re interested in seeing is for the IRS to be held accountable for its actions.

Congress is coming closer and closer to finally ridding us of John Koskinen’s corrupt leadership, but we must continue pressuring them to finish the job.

Will you help us do that by making a much-needed gift right now?

Tea Party Patriots was one of the biggest victims of the IRS’s political targeting, as were many of our affiliates.

But now that we know the IRS abandoned its post while illegal aliens stole 1 million Social Secu-rity numbers, it’s time for concerned patriots all across the country to take a stand.

Please join us in finishing the fight by making a much-needed gift right now. Together, we can close the book on the sordid legacy of John Koskinen.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin

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