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On Wednesday, our new Chancellor, Philip Hammond, unveiled his first (and last) Autumn Statement. For a moment, I thought he had resigned – no such luck! His announcements of doom were predicated on forecasts from so-called ‘experts’. Experts who have been proved wrong, time and time again. They were wrong about the Exchange Rate Mechanism, the Euro, the financial crisis and the immediate impact of Brexit. They have been wrong so many times throughout history – and they are wrong now.

Brexit brings back control over laws, borders, money and our economy. Claims the UK will be worse off by having more control shows an absurd amount of pessimism, and a lack of confidence worthy of a Remoaner.

In response to the establishment’s pessimism, this e-bulletin is Get Britain Out’s own optimistic Autumn Statement. It is a statement of the UK’s bright future outside the EU.

However, there was one positive note in Hammond’s Autumn Statement. According to the Office for Budget Responsibility’s report, cancelling our contributions to the EU budget after Brexit will save the British taxpayer over £10 billion a year. Great news.

On 5th December, the Supreme Court will hear the Government’s appeal in relation to whether a parliamentary vote is required to trigger Article 50. Unfortunately, the Court has allowed lawyers from the Scottish government to address the Supreme Court on the relevance of Scottish law, where it differs from English and Welsh law. In addition, the Welsh government, a trade union and an ‘expat group’ (Fair Deal for Expats) have been allowed to intervene.

The trade union is the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB), formerly linked to the Unite union, supported by Labour’s Leader and Shadow Chancellor – Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell. All the while, running contrary to the IWGB, Corbyn and the Labour Party’s official stance is that they will vote for the triggering of Article 50.

Stop Press: ‘Lawyers for Britain’ (The Magnificent Five) have also announced their intervention in the appeal has just been accepted this afternoon – as an organisation seeking to make submissions “in the public interest”. BRILLIANT news.

As we say in our article for Breitbart London below – we don’t attach great significance to the Article 50 court case failing, as Parliament would almost certainly vote to trigger Article 50 anyway. A failure of Parliament to do so would be a situation where turkeys would be voting for Christmas. Having Tony Blair and his latest sidekick, Sir John Major, calling for a second referendum hardly strengthens their cause either – by virtue of their near unanimous unpopularity amongst the Great British Public. A member of our team, Matt Ellery, will be appearing on RTUK TV News tonight at 6pm to discuss these latest developments – you can watch this on Sky channel 518 and Freeview channel 135.

Our Campaign Director, Jayne Adye, wrote for the EU’s Parliament Magazine this week making the case for Brexit allowing the UK to look globally in terms of trade, while simultaneously being good neighbours with the EU. She made it clear the UK should leave the Single Market and agree a trade deal with the EU. This outcome would fulfil the objectives of the ‘Leave’ vote, as the UK would no longer be subject to Single Market rules created by unelected European Commissioners. We would not be subject to the free movement of people principle, and would not be required to contribute to the EU budget. (Parliament Magazine: There is nothing ‘hard’ about Brexit)

With the issue of visas overshadowing Theresa May’s recent visit to India, it has become more important than ever to point out how much Britain has to offer in international trade talks. As a net exporter of lucrative services like banking and insurance, it is wrong to argue we have nothing to sell to potential trade partners – and as a large, prosperous, and dynamic market, the ability to sell to us more freely is definitely an appealing prospect for other countries. No wonder various countries, from Canada and the United States to India and Australia, are interested in striking trade deals with us. The government should recognise we are in a strong negotiating position, with no reason to fear running our own trade policy. We argue today on CapX it is time for Theresa May to commit to exiting the EU’s Customs Union, and start negotiating free-trade agreements the world over. (CapX: We have nothing to fear from running our own trade policy)

Yesterday, on Breitbart London we wrote an article about the calls for a second referendum. Despite the will of the people being clear in the EU Referendum, far too many of our elected representatives hold us Brexiteers in complete contempt. They hold our political views in contempt. They hold our intelligence in contempt. But even worse, they hold our socio-economic background in contempt. We do not have a problem with MPs holding differing views on Brexit, and we have no problem with their continuing support for the EU. But attempting to block the result of the EU referendum is a completely different kettle of fish. It is an insult to all the voters who voted ‘Leave’ – more than have ever come out to vote for any political party in any UK General Election. (Breitbart London: A Vote on Article 50 Will Show Which ‘Remoaner’ MPs Despise Democracy)

With the exception of the UK, most of NATO’s EU states have not been paying up for their own defence. It’s clear this situation must change, but now the EU is reviving its old idea of its own army. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker proposes a Brussels army headquarters, shared weaponry and combined military strategy across EU Member States. As we argue in an article for The Commentator, you can’t have both an EU army and a fairer, stronger NATO. European countries should go for the latter, and stop the Eurocrats playing politics with global security. (The Commentator: EU states must pay their share to NATO, not an EU army)

We also recently wrote in The Commentator about the claim Brexit is increasing hate crime and hostility. Remoaners continue to brand Eurosceptics ‘racist’, and inflate crime statistics to support their arguments. As always, they are living in a fictional Britain. By stopping at nothing to defy democracy, they are the ones creating uncertainty. If they want wounds to heal, and if they want peace, they need to accept ‘Brexit means Brexit’. If the Great British Public feel their vote is undermined and their concerns ignored, this will create the real hostility. (The Commentator: Blocking Brexit will create the real hostility)

We thank you for your continued support. If you check out our social media regularly, as well as our website, you will find all the daily news and press coverage. This is the link to our website’s Latest EU News page, and there’s lots of information to continue to inform you, your friends and colleagues about what’s going on with the negotiations and what we are investigating ourselves. Get Britain Out will continue to work to ensure we get the best deal for the United Kingdom, and will not rest until we have done so. If there are any of your friends and colleagues who are concerned about Brexit and have not already signed up as a supporter, please encourage them to do so. It is important to spread information and the truth about this vital issue, so please forward this e-Bulletin to as many people as possible. Here is the link to Sign Up to our campaign.


Jayne Adye, Director and the Team at Get Britain Out

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