Goodspeed Roaming available in the newly launched ZTE Blade V8 Lite

  • Goodspeed Roaming embedded in the ZTE Blade V8 Lite
  • With eSIM enabled ecosystem, UROS offers low-cost flat rate data roaming in 120+ countries
  • Provides a simple solution for roaming without bill shock

UROS – Uni-fi Roaming Solutions, the leading global Roaming Solution provider today announces that Goodspeed Roaming will be embedded in the newly launched ZTE Blade V8 Lite. Goodspeed Roaming, offering low-cost flat-rate mobile data globally, is implemented as a joint product development project with ZTE.

“We are delighted to announce that our revered partnership with ZTE has resulted in another new product in the growing Goodspeed Roaming portfolio. With this launch we are aggressively targeting the silent roamer segment, characterized by no usage of mobile services while abroad”, comments UROS Chairman of the Board Jyrki Hallikainen. “Together with ZTE we foresee a strong demand for this product”, he adds.

Goodspeed Roaming provides affordable mobile data connection for those who prefer to keep it simple and eliminate bill shocks. The Goodspeed Roaming App together with the Goodspeed SIM guarantees low-cost connectivity in over 120 countries.

ZTE Blade V8 Lite sales box comes equipped with all the necessary to start enjoying the Goodspeed Roaming service. The Goodspeed Roaming App is embedded in the ZTE Blade V8 Lite and the Goodspeed SIM is ready to be inserted in the dual SIM slot. After activating Goodspeed Roaming in ZTE Blade V8 Lite, the customer can use the Goodspeed SIM by just one tap or switch over to their own home SIM card for data. Customer’s regular number stays available to receive and to make voice calls and to send text messages.

The ZTE Blade V8 Lite with Goodspeed Roaming will be available for purchase from ZTE and UROS sales channels.