Ransomware attacks are taking a greater toll on victim’s wallets

News broke earlier this week about a new report detailing the increasing financial toll of ransomware attacks. “Attackers clearly think that there’s more to be squeezed from victims,” Symantec said in a Wednesday report.


Commenting on this, Engin Kirda, co-founder of Lastline, said:

“Ransomware by its very nature, tips its hand with characteristics that make it predictable and recognizable. The most obvious is that all ransomware has, and will always have, a ransom note—and therein lies its Achilles’ heel. Unlike other forms of malware, ransomware always contains this one very distinguishable and easily detectable component. It must inform the victim of the attack, and provide instructions for paying the ransom. Enterprise security controls can benefit from this and other predictable behaviors. Advanced malware protection tools readily and accurately detect these activities as malicious and part of a ransom plot before files are frozen and ransoms demanded.”