Power firms alerted on hack attack scenarios

Power firms around the world are being warned about how to spot if they are being targeted by hackers who shut down parts of Ukraine’s electricity grid. The warnings have emerged from analysis of the malware using in the attack in Ukraine that left around 230,000 people without power after malware shut down the substations. Commenting on the news is Tim Erlin, VP at Tripwire, who had this to say:


“Awareness of the threat is a prerequisite for an adequate defense. It’s important that the tools and techniques involved in these kinds of attackers are shared so that utilities can be better prepared. The research shared at conferences like Black Hat and Defcon helps drive both awareness of the threat and inform specific defensive actions against these attacks.”


“The entire energy market needs a shift in mindset to build cybersecurity into their operations. The threat of cyberattack is a threat to reliability of the electric grid. This isn’t about shadowy hackers stealing data from a few computers. This is about human safety.”