Detroit Electric to reveal future model development plans at LCV2017

·        EV manufacturer will make debut at UK’s leading low carbon vehicle event

·        British-based company will share future model plans

·        Attendance is start of major recruitment strategy for EV engineering talent

·        Staffing drive is enabled by US$1.8 billion dollar joint venture deal


Leamington Spa, UK, 31 August 2017 – UK-based electric vehicle start-up, Detroit Electric, will outline its future product plans during its first ever appearance at Cenex’s Low Carbon Vehicles (LCV) 2017 event on 6 and 7 September at Millbrook in Bedfordshire.


The brand will share its plans to launch a range of pure electric passenger vehicles in the coming years, a strategy that has been enabled following a recent injection of US$1.8 billion in capital from a joint venture agreement. To help fulfil this strategy, Detroit Electric is in the midst of a major recruitment drive, with between 150 and 200 posts to fill by next spring.


Chief Technical Officer and Company Director Richie Frost, explains: “Having secured the solid financial foundation to embark on our business plan, we’re now building up our team to enable us to deliver our ambitious vehicle engineering programmes.


“This represents an opportunity to be a major part of an incredibly exciting, fast-moving company, as we begin the most exciting EV development projects in the UK. I think that differentiates us from other employers,” concludes Frost. “We’re looking forward to having a chance to meet some of UK’s most talented engineers in this field expected at Cenex and to share these exciting future plans with them.”


To deliver the rest of this business plan, the company will invest significantly to expand its engineering and manufacturing centre in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, to create a state-of-the art R&D facility, alongside its engineering hub in China.


LCV2017 show visitors can visit Detroit Electric and meet its CTO, Richie Frost, and other senior managers and engineers on stand C3-600 in Hall 3.

Instagram hacked, celebrity contact details revealed

It has been reported that Instagram has revealed a flaw in its systems revealed “a number of” stars’ phone numbers and email addresses to cyber-attackers.The Facebook-owned social network has emailed verified members, usually prominent figures, to let them know. It said it believed “one or more” attackers had targeted high-profile stars to get their contact information. Instagram said passwords had not been stolen but warned users to watch for suspicious activity on their accounts.

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Instagram hack targets celebrities

News has surfaced that a serious vulnerability has been discovered within social media giant Instagram which has revealed a number of stars phone numbers and email addresses to cyber-attackers.


Commenting on the news is Dean Ferrando, Systems Engineering Manager (EMEA) at Tripwire, who said:


The more individuals allow access to their data through social media, like Instagram, the more avenues there are for attackers to try. It’s good to remember that social media sites view people merely as a source of income. They are only concerned with the security of your data to the extent that the law requires. This is why it is critical for users to take responsibility of their own security. Password reuse and enabling two-factor authentication should be mandatory for every user of social media and can help reduce the risk of attack.

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2 million customers’ personal data compromised in CeX hack

News broke yesterday that second-hand electronics retailer CeX suffered a massive “online security breach” compromising the personal data and passwords of up to two million customers. The UK retailer said customers’ names, physical addresses, email addresses and phone numbers were compromised in the attack that saw “an unauthorised third party” illegally access its computer systems.

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381 new species discovered in the Amazon


WWF demands action to protect world’s largest tropical forest  

  • New species include a fire-tailed titi monkey, honeycomb patterned stingray, pink river dolphin and a yellow-moustached lizard

  • Rate of discovery in the Amazon has increased, with a species being found every other day

  • WWF is demanding urgent action to protect the forest following the Brazil president abolishing an Amazonian reserve the size of Switzerland

A new report by WWF and the Mamirauá Institute reveals that a new species of animal or plant is discovered in the Amazon every 2 days, the fastest rate this century. However, because huge parts of the forest are being destroyed so fast, WWF is warning that we may never know all of the riches that the world’s largest tropical rainforest holds.

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Breakthrough points way to more compact engines; Germany to fund LNG projects

Kobe Steel breakthrough points way to more compact engines
Kobe Steel breakthrough points way to more compact engines
August 30, 2017 — Opening the way for more compact engines, classification society ClassNK has given Kobe Steel approval to use a K factor of 1.15 as the design margin in the manufacturing process for crank throws, a main component of built-up type crankshafts.

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection selects Rockwell Collins’ ARINC Border Management Solutions to enhance security and improve passenger processing

The ARINC Border Management Solution will allow U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials to use Advance Passenger Information and Passenger Name Record data from worldwide airlines for enhanced management, control and protection of the nation’s borders

  • Company to supply travel data from worldwide airlines to U.S. Customs and Border Protection

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland (Aug. 30, 2017) – U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has chosen Rockwell Collins’ ARINC Border Management Solutions as a supplier of Advance Passenger Information (API) and Passenger Name Record (PNR) data from worldwide airlines for enhanced management, control and protection of the nation’s borders.

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