Canadian Army Reserve Armouries across Canada get set to welcome the public

Canadian Army Reserve gunners load a smoke round into a C3 Howitzer as part of a fire mission on Exercise BISON WARRIOR at Canadian Forces Detachment Dundurn, August 13-21, 2016.

Photo: Master Bombardier Lynn Danielson, 38 Canadian Brigade Group Public Affairs

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September 28, 2017 – Ottawa – National Defence / Canadian Armed Forces

On Saturday, September 30, all Canadian Army (CA) Reserve Armouries across Canada will host an Open House with interactive displays and activities to showcase the work they do for the CA.

This is the first time that every CA Armoury will be open to the public on the same day and is part of the CA’s overall effort to recruit new members and strengthen the Army Reserve. Under Strong, Secure, Engaged: Canada’s Defence Policy, the Government of Canada has committed to increasing the size of the Reserve Force to 30,000 (an increase of 1,500) and to reduce the length of time required for an individual to join the Reserve Force.


Army Reservists work part time for the CA while often holding full-time civilian jobs or attending school full time. Reservists play an integral role in helping the CA meet Canada’s defence objectives. This is achieved through their participation in training exercises, on domestic operations such as the forest fires in British Columbia and the floods in Quebec, and on international operations such as in Latvia and Ukraine. Reservists continually challenge themselves by accepting new tasks, learning new skills, and receiving specialized training to serve their country.


Each Reserve unit will have their own event. Please contact your local Reserve unit for details.




“The Canadian Army would not be what it is without the commitment of our Reservists. They are integral to the Canadian Army’s ability to face the complex challenges of the global security environment. It is vital for Canada to have an Army that is ready to operate at home and abroad, and Reservists are an essential part of this national capability. They support a variety of functions and routinely deploy domestically and internationally for operations to support our Regular Forces.”


Lieutenant-General Paul Wynnyk, Commander Canadian Army



“The Army Reserves are part of the ‘One Army’ team. Their integration with the Regular Force enhances the Canadian Army, and as a vital part of this team, they contribute to operations at home and abroad. Working in the Reserves is a great way to serve your country while being challenged to learn new skills without leaving your studies or your career.”


— Brigadier-General Rob Roy Mackenzie, Chief of Staff Army Reserve


Quick Facts


  • Some Canadian Army Armouries will be open on both Saturday, September 30, and Sunday, October 1. For more information, contact your local Armoury.


  • There are 123 Canadian Army Reserve units in over 100 communities across Canada.


  • 97% of the Canadian population lives within 45 minutes of a Canadian Army Reserve Armoury.


  • Reserve units can specialize in a variety of trades including:
    • Infantry;
    • Armoured;
    • Artillery;
    • Engineer;
    • Logistics; and
    • Army Signals.


  • To join the Army Reserves, you must:
    • Possess Canadian citizenship,
    • Be 18 years of age or older;
    • Have completed a minimum of provincial grade 10 education or Secondary IV in Quebec; and
    • Full-time students who have completed a provincial grade 10 education, or Secondary IV in Quebec, may apply at the age of 16 or 17 with the consent of a parent or legal guardian.


  • Joining the Army Reserves:
    • You can join as a Reservist and still keep your full-time career or full-time education outside of the Canadian Army.
    • Contact your local Reserve unit to find out which positions are available.
    • Apply online, create a Government of Canada Key account, and someone will contact you to walk you through the rest of the process.