Under 25’s More Likely to Fall for Phishing Scams than Baby Boomers

Get Safe Online have today published survey findings that revealed that under 25s are now more than twice as likely to fall victim to ‘friends and family’ phishing scams than baby boomers (over 55s). Furthermore, not only are they being duped more often, but they’re also being scammed out of more money each time – typically losing £613 compared to £214 by the older generation. The survey went on to identify phishing as the tactic used most often to trick unfortunate victims into handing over cash.



Commenting on this news is Eyal Benishti, CEO and Founder of IRONSCALES: 


“Young people are used to having all aspects of the digital world readily available at the click of the button, and as phishing campaigns are becoming increasingly sophisticated and targeted, it comes as no surprise that many are seeing themselves scammed.  Fraudsters are frequently adopting spoofing and impersonation techniques in a quick, easy, and incredibly successful way to lure their potential victims into a false sense of security. As a result, it is becoming virtually impossible to identify these phishing emails- the concern in this case would be the prevalence of phishing scams duping the younger workforce, and the implications for the organisations employing them.

In order to combat this, it is important to help users be able to identify these techniques, before it becomes a security threat for the wider organisation. Technology that learns, monitors and analyses users behaviour at the mailbox level in real time, to spot any discrepancies and anomalies that may take place, should be utilised and augmented into the email client experience to catch end users if and when they fall.​”