Hong Kong flag ship suspected of breaking North Korea sanctions; Crowley Maritime makes management changes

Hong Kong flag ship suspected of breaking North Korea sanctions
December 29, 2017 — A Hong Kong registered vessel has been seized in South Korea, after it was suspected of violating UN sanctions by trading oil with North Korea. Arirang News reports Seoul government officials as saying that the ship, named Lighthouse Winmore, came into Yeosu Port on November 24, where it was detained and inspected by customs officials. The ship is thought to have transferred some 600 tons of oil to a North Korean vessel, the Sam Jong 2, in international waters a month earlier, on October 19.


Crowley Maritime makes management changes
Crowley is reorganizing its non-liner and logistics business units into three main business units – Crowley Shipping, Crowley Fuels and Crowley Solutions.
California issues reminder on biofouling management

Vessels are subject to California’s biofouling management requirements as follows: New Vessels: Upon delivery on or after January 1, 2018; Existing Vessels: Upon completion of the first regularly scheduled out-of-water maintenance on or after January 1, 2018.
Triyards says buyer terminates two chemical tanker contracts

The contracts cover the design and construction of two chemical tankers at an aggregate contract value of $51 million.
Samsung Heavy on track to beat 2017 shipbuilding sales target

Yonhap news agency reports shipbuilder Samsung Heavy Industries as saying that it is set to clinch a deal worth 210 billion won (US$195 million) to build a liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier for an undisclosed foreign shipping company.