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As we approach the end of the year it’s natural to reflect on the highs and the lows of the last twelve months. The Brexit process finally got underway in March, more than nine months after the referendum, when Theresa May formally notified the EU of our departure by triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. It was an historic day for our country and a significant milestone in our journey to freedom.



But subsequent progress has been slow and unimpressive. Mrs May and David Davis revealed their limitations as negotiators throughout the year, failing to achieve major concessions from the EU before finally caving in on every single demand from Brussels in December. 2018 will present more obstacles to surmount on our path to national independence, but it will also reveal greater opportunities. We very much look forward to it.

But some things are more important than politics. We’re very excited to be launching a new petition today calling on the British government to award knighthoods to the final remaining Battle of Britain veterans. Every year we see the usual parade of celebrities, civil servants, and failed politicians on both sides given a pat on the back by their chums in the establishment while real heroes go ignored. These men fought for the continued existence of our country and they deserve the greatest recognition.

The new year will mark the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force. As we celebrate the achievements of the RAF, their heroic defence of our country from Nazi Germany will be at the forefront of our minds. Those brave men defended Britain from the Luftwaffe and gave the nation renewed hope in the darkest days of the Second World War.

Unfortunately those brave Few are even fewer today. Only eight of the almost 3,000 RAF aircrew are still with us today.

We are calling for knighthoods to be awarded to Flight Lieutenant William Terence Clark, Wing Commander John Francis Durham Elkington, Wing Commander Paul Caswell Farnes, Squadron Leader J. S. Hart, Flight Lieutenant William Robert Kent Hughes, Flight Lieutenant Maurice Hewlett Mounsdon, Wing Commander Thomas Francis Neil and Squadron Leader Geoffrey Harris Augustus Wellum.

After everything that these men and their peers gave to protect our country, only the highest honour will suffice. There is nobody more deserving.

You can sign the petition today by following this link, clicking any of the images in this email, or pressing the button at the bottom of this message.

Please make sure you spread the word by forwarding this email to friends and family who want to recognise the contribution of these outstanding British heroes. You can also show your support for the petition on social media by sharing our Facebook post or retweeting our Tweet.

We’d also like to thank all of you for your continued support for our campaign through 2017. As Westminster continues to bow down to Brussels, it’s more important than ever for Brexiteers to remind our political class what we voted for – and to remind them of the huge opportunties that exist for a truly independent United Kingdom. As our campaign continues to grow, reaching millions of people every week, we can make sure that the voice of 17.4m Brits who voted to leave the EU continues to be heard.

We hope you had a very merry Christmas, and we wish you a happy new year.

The Leave.EU Team

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